Monday, July 17, 2006


As you can see we went all out to celebrate our anniversary! (Romance is so over rated!) We had a blast playing video games, racing go-karts, playing mini golf (I totally beat Kenton, perfect score on the 'back nine'), riding carnival rides, and reaping our awesome prizes! We walked away with several friendship bracelets, Chinese handcuffs, two bouncy balls, a mini parachute man, and a game of Old Maid.

We ended the night by dinner at our favorite place, Chipotle. But because it was a special day we were going all out and having burritos with chips and guac. Having waited for this treat for so long we were so upset when the lady said they were out of chips. How can Chipotle be out of chips? Regretting our decision to venture to this atypical location, we called up our normal Chipotle right by our house and asked if we could buy some chips. We explained it was too late to make it before close, but we'd be there soon. The manager recognized Kenton's voice and said she'd give us all the chips they have to get rid of at the end of the night anyway. YES! So we finish up, head back towards home, pick up our chips only to find out that the manager had phoned the other store and that manager said to come back the next night and we'd be treated to a free meal. Free chips and a free meal! Sweet! Could it be any better for two Chipolte fanatics? YES, yes it can! We opened the bag of chips to find a coupon for YET another free meal! Three meals, and chips for the price of two burritos!!!! WE LOVE CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!

For whatever reason there are traditional gifts to be given for each year of marriage. Year one is paper, I gave Kenton books, he gave me things that cost paper money (ha!). Year two is cotton. We both purchased clothes for the other. Year three is leather. I gave Kenton a new bible and he got me a book with a leather book mark. Year four is fruit or flowers. I gave Kenton pomegranate juice, a cactus, and clothes with the Apple logo. He got me this really cute apple necklace.

We had fun! Happy Anniversary to you all too!


  1. Anonymous5:33 PM CDT

    wouldn't a "perfect" score on the "back" nine be ... 9?

  2. Anonymous6:54 AM CDT

    So Kenton, in your theory then a perfect score in bowling which consists of ten frames would be a 10 instead of 300? Since I'm showing my nerdiness talking about bowling I'll leave this unsigned!

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM CDT

    wow, did it take all night to think of that?

    Golf is a game where the lowest score wins. so the perfect score would be the absolute lowest score possible.

    Bowling is a game where the _highest_ score wins. so a perfect score would be the _highest_ score possible.

    go back to your third grade math.

  4. I think it is neat the way you guys do gifts following the traditional guidelines. It's cute and actually clever. Most people don't pay any attention to those until the 25th and 50th anniversary. You both look great by the way.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! When are we going to hang out?

  6. It is quite obvious who the "anonymous" comments are from. When you hang out with you guys enough it isn't hard to pick up on your comments.

    I am glad to see you had so much fun. I love getting free food. Yeah for you!