Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Why Not Wichita??

It's Taper week. The marathon is on Sunday. I've never been so busy leading up to a local race before. It's been good though. It's been rewarding to to help out and do my best to promote this inaugural race. Wichita is not a marathon city....yet. Many people are still unaware of what's really getting ready to happen. Kenton and I have really tried to use our connections and help make Wichita a marathon city.

We drove the course this week and really scoped out the best places to watch from. We also got to visit with many of the businesses that are along the route. Hopefully, the buzz will spread and the city will come out on Sunday to support the runners. Spectators make the race.

Some of my favorite race memories are from spectators.
- Small children handing out orange slices in Boston
- Kids having high five competitions in Boston, seeing who could get the most
- Being offered hot bacon in OKC from a resident
- Being cheered for by name (printed on bib) from someone else's mom
- Reading the signs from the girls at Wellesley College (Kiss Me I'm.......)
- Being cheered for by a "more cowbell" look-a-like in OKC
- Being served Gatorade from Darth Vador
- Having my tiny nephew and son hold up their "home-made" signs
- Seeing Judah hold up a sign from his entire kindergarten class
My Fan Club in 2007

Heart Break Hill, 2010 With Mrs. Johnson's Class' sign
Kenton is the best "Marathon Spectator" known to man. He wanted to make sure he did his part to help The Prairie Fire Marathon be the best it can be. He made a site for spectators. Here you will see info about the best locations, the location of the booked live bands, deals from local businesses, and views from the mile markers. 

Please check it out and contact us with any updated information you have.

Mostly, come out and have a blast! My massage therapist happens to live right on the route. She was making her plans for what she's going to offer the runners on Sunday. Another reason why Nancy Bowers is the best therapist in town!!

Another local runner, Karla Gregg, developed a full review of the course and a turn by turn video.

She also reviewed the course in her articles for The Examiner.

I enjoyed my training run on the course three weeks ago.  It ran through my favorite parts of Wichita. One surprise gem was right before mile 24. A friend from Twitter, @jenniferlkeller, left me a message on the Red Cross sign.

Red Cross Mile 24 Shout Out from Kenton & Lacy Hansen on Vimeo.

That was so surprising to see. It was also encouraging to see the community starting to get behind our little marathon attempt. 
The Wichita Eagle has never covered much about local running and especially the previous marathon. I was surprised again when I got to speak to the sports writer this past week. He was preparing TWO stories before the marathon. To make things even more exciting, last night I got a last minute message about being in a photo shoot for a special "Wrap-Around" insert for Friday's paper. Twitter friend and local photog, @travisheying, let little 'ol me run up and down the river right in from of Wichita's "Citgo" sign. At mile 25 in Boston the gigantic Citgo sign serves as the "ALMOST THERE!!" marker. Our local Keeper of the Plains statue will signify that for us on Sunday.

Running back and forth for the camera.

Ever so naturally pacing back and forth
There's a buzz for sure. I've never been this involved before. But I believe it can be great. Here's to hoping Sunday will start a new era in Wichita. Here's to Wichita's first year as a Marathon City!!


  1. Awesome post Lacy! I'm so excited for Sunday! I've recruited almost 30 family members and even more friends to watch the race. I too love the spectator!

  2. See you on Sunday (for half)! I will be sure to show Rob the spectator site, perhaps Kenton can be his mentor!

  3. Sounds like it's going to be awesome. Sorry I have to miss out on the fun. Still a little confused is Wichita not already a marathon city when they already had a marathon??

  4. Good luck, Lacy! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday! Our first anniversary is on Sunday - so it's a special day all around! Love, holly

  5. great post, really makes me wish i was going to be in town this of luck on the race, you'll do great i'm sure....congrats on winning rosstoberfest too, by the way!

  6. Stacy and Jill, I look forward to seeing you Sunday!!
    Mark, while we did have a marathon for 30 years, it barely came into Wichita and NO ONE knew about it. No news stations or even the paper covered it. There were about 100 people every year. Therefore, we we're really a "Marathon City."
    Holly, That's AWESOME! I'm so happy for you three! Thanks for the love!
    Oz, you should check out the spec site and bring out the family! Chill at the Donut Whole or the Anchor's buffet and have a great time before the finish!

  7. Lacey,

    I don't know you at all but I just want to say, WE SHARE A BRAIN!!! I contact several of the neighborhood associations to tell them about the race and ask them to come out :)

    Crown Heights north plans to represent!!! WOOT!!! GOOD LUCK tomorrow. i'm running the full as well and I think we should compare notes and talk about how to take prairie fire 2011 to the next level.

    thank you for all you've done and your picture on the eagle cover was rocking. go runners go :)

    Jennifer Hill