Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pomp And Circumstance

We were so proud of Judah and his fellow graduates. It was a great morning. We were extra proud when Judah was one of the recipients of the only two awards given. Our son is too spirited to receive many behavior awards, but he was honored with a perfect attendance award!!!
This special morning was topped off with a trip to Tsunami with NeeNee to celebrate the class of 2009!


  1. those are great pictures!!!!!!!!!! he looks so happy and he is SO photogenic!!!!! perfect attendance- way to go!!!!

  2. ohmygosh you are kidding! my middle name is nicole and kari's is lena (i'm guessing that's a non-match, lol). hey! yeah- you just need to find a small race and if you break 20 you're so golden!!!!! good luck this weekend!!!!