Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meanwhile...Back On The Homefront marathon euphoria has subsided and I must move on.
In the midst of training and recovery, my busy life has continued and here are the major highlights since the big day.
One of the best shows all year was the Pre-K music and movement performance. Judah stole the show. He sang so hard that at the end of the night his voice was hoarse. There's nothing better than watching kids this age perform. Whether emergency potty breaks cause one to run off, a shy child hides behind her arm all night, or a wardrobe malfunction (shoes untied) requires the assistance of Miss Gracie, all is acceptable in this crowd. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much that night.
Two days after the marathon I joined Judah's class on their field trip to the zoo. We had a great time with the kids. Judah and his pal Isaac are

So Isaac's mother, Kendra and I chased four rambunctious boys around the zoo. I don't know who more ill equipped, me barely moving with post marathon legs or her, nearly 6 months pregnant. We were a sight!

And speaking of's always an "educational" time at the zoo, especially in the springtime. This was so funny as the kids said, "Look! The one on top is smiling!"

Oh...throw in a new 10K PR at the River Run. 43:04. My legs eventually recovered!

Judah ran his third annual Tot Trot and made us all so proud!

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