Monday, April 16, 2007

What's been going on... and IN?

Life is too exciting with Judah around. After his big weekend, Kenton and I worried that he may have an overblown concept of reality. Life can't be "ultra-exciting" all the time right? Well, so far Judah's on a four day streak.

Friday was 'Babes and Books.' Judah got to make his very own umbrella, earn his "duck feet," sit on the coveted teacher's lap during circle time, and walk away with a cool new book.

Friday night, he got to go to church and hang with all his friends and be "dropped off," his new favorite activity. "Are you guys going to drop me off' or are you going to stay?"

James and Stephanie arranged for our monthly Arise meeting to be a date night. They arranged the child care and we got to have a nice night out. THANK YOU GUYS!

While we were enjoying ourselves, Judah was making 'Gak', watching movies, and eating popcorn with Ms. Michelle. He was so hyped that he was dancing around the house when we came home. He could barely rest for bedtime.

When Saturday rolled around, we couldn't go out to play because it has SNOWED IN APRIL!

So, we went to the Y and let Judah go swimming. As if that weren't enough, he had to go home to rest up for the Circus!

We went and enjoyed watching his face light up at every spectacle. He loved the tigers, especially when they jumped through the flaming hoop. He loved 'Neano' the clumsy clown, and he really really loved getting his light up spinning globe sword! He suckered us out of ten bucks for a $.25 toy! Man his life is good!

Sunday morning brought us a beautiful day. It went from snow on Friday to a 75 degree sunny Sunday. So we took advantage of it! Kenton loaded up the bike and I laced up my shoes. We all managed 16 miles, either by running, pedaling, or riding like royalty with all the snacks and toys you could want, while your daddy pulls you along.

It was good to run a great 16 miler, exactly TWO WEEKS from the marathon. I still had a real smile when I got home too!

So, we showered and drove to Grandpa's house. Judah got a chance to go to a parking lot carnival last spring with his Grandpa and Nana. When it was set up two weeks ago, they wanted to take him again. Since the weather decided to turn into winter we had to wait until yesterday. It was the last day, but Judah made the best of it.

He didn't know how to describe the place so he started calling it, "Grandpa's Fun Place." The name stuck.

He rode every ride he was tall enough for and he rode some of them twice!

I know, I know, the kid's got it rough!

We literally said, "how is he going to handle a boring Monday after all this?"

Well, never fear he made a way for it to be just as exciting, and definitely thrilling!
As he was burping and hiccuping much more than normal, I asked,"what's wrong buddy?" "I just did swallow one my marbles and now it's in my tummy."
With as much cool as possible I called Kenton and he rationally instructed me to call the doctor. The doctor surprised me with instructions to take him to the hospital.
Kenton made it home and we took our frighten little boy in for an X-ray. All those times I warned that putting toys in his mouth could send him to the hospital, we're coming in to reality. I couldn't believe it.
As the techs calmed all his fears he found the whole thing amusing. And as she showed us that it had passed through his stomach and we just needed to "wait" for it's "return" the overwhelming reality that we were raising a boy was painfully clear.

He's going around telling everyone, "I swallowed my marble, I have to poop it out." We are so in for it!
(you can see the marble just to the left of his spine, all the white around it is the gas building up from the foreign object)
Goodnight.... Lord only knows how he'll keep the ball rolling tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM CDT

    Lacy.....hopefully it will all work out in the end! Sorry....I had to say it.

  2. And guess who the lucky one is that gets to make sure it all got "worked out?"
    Ah... motherhood, it really is that glamorous!

  3. What joys I have to look forward to.

  4. Man, your kid is nothing but trouble! Good thing my kids aren't anything like that! :)