Thursday, April 26, 2007

Keeping the Marble Rolling

Unless a steel marble is able to hide in the dooty of a three year old, Judah is still currently unable to pass through a metal detector. The Doctor didn't seemed too worried, so we'll just keep pressing on! Pressing on we have. As if last week weren't the best week ever, here's what
lucky Judah's been up to.

He went to his first Young People's Concert.He liked it when the guys put the "plugs" in their horns.

We celebrated Earth Day at the Zoo.

Our follow up to Earth Day was to watch the tree trimmers clean up our trees. (Seems appropriate, plant trees on Earth Day, cut them down the next.)
Enjoyed outdoor weather and discovered that Mommy was right when she said the ground would hurt without shoes.

Went to Parent's As Teacher's Zoo Day and played with all sorts of stuff. Acted like monkeys with Daddy, and left with cool new toys.

We've been watching our "new pet" alligator get bigger everyday!

Made the best out of the darn Kansas wind. Got our kite stuck in a tree and had to have some kid climb up and kindly retrieve it for us.
As if that weren't more than anyone could want, my second cousin hooked us up to go see "Thomas and Friends!"
As we were continually giving our 'best train whistle,' "Whooo-Whooo!" I leaned over to Kenton and said, "I'm too young to be doing this, I'm only 25!" But as Thomas and Percy saved the day and all their friends sang and danced and made the show come to real life, Judah's face made the sad but true fact that my hip-youth has disappeared, a lot easier to bear.

So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em: "WHOOOO-WHOOO!!!"

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  1. 25...I feel so bad for you. I can't imagine being that old! I could say something mean about how you were never hip so no worries, but that just wouldn't be nice now would it? Or would it?