Thursday, April 12, 2007

Running Down the List

Marathon Update:
Today's the 12th
29-12= 17 DAYS 'til the big 26.2!!

Wendy and I finished our "long training run" last weekend. Here we are running in the last few steps of our nearly 21 mile run. It got real quiet the last few miles. We were both pulling out strength from the ends of the Earth to get back home. All we could say was, "Thank God it's over!" Pray for us as we get ready for the big day, we're going to need all the support we can get. (Oh, and if anyone has some tips about how to look better after all those miles, I'm very open to suggestions!!)

My favorite Sunday of the whole year is Palm Sunday. It never fails, I can't hold my tears back when the little kids come in waving their branches. Even before I had Judah, I couldn't fight back the tears. He had to have a little help getting down the aisle this year, thankfully Duane was there to scoop him up and encourage him to welcome the Lord's Presence. Judah said, "I don't want to say Hosanna, I want to say, 'Hooray! Hooray! God is Here!'" It was a precious day.

That evening we walked the Resurrection Trail. It's been amazing watching Judah learn more and more about the life of Jesus. Each time he hears it, he understands more.

We followed the steps Jesus took and a few stops really stuck out to Judah. He didn't know why he had to wear such a "sharp hat" and as you can see he was disgusted by the vinegar and said, "Why'd the give him that?!"
Last year when Judah watched Jesus rise from the dead, he screamed out, "He's AWAKE!!" It's renewing to hear the innocence of a child's words. Yes, he is awake and how amazing it is that he endured so much for us...just plain old us.

As we rose on the Saturday before Easter, we were greeted with the coldest, windiest, and most unseasonable April morning in memory. What was worse was that we were also greeted with the realization that we signed up for a 10K run that started at 9:00 am.

Whew! That was an experience! Kenton and I ran it together and while the feeling in my feet finally returned after about three miles or so, it's not an experience I need to relive!

Major kudos to my husband. He hasn't run more than 4 miles in several months and he stuck it out for the full 6.2! I was very proud of him. It's amazing when you literally watch someone change. The Kenton I knew would have thrown in the towel when it got tough, but the Kenton I now know, beared down and pushed through because he knew that it was always in him to be a finisher. I am still so proud of him!

At the frigid starting line I set a goal of running this cold race in under an hour, when Kenton started questioning his last leg of the race I pressed on to accomplish my gaol, only to be surprised he was just a few seconds behind me!

After defrosted we celebrated some Easter traditions with my parents. Yummy food and dyeing eggs. Judah couldn't understand why we wanted to "dive" them. "After we dive them, then they'll be killed!" Ah, little boys!

Easter Morning greeted us with yet another cold day. So the sandals I had to go get for Judah were not needed and so much for an Easter dress! But never the less we rose with the sun and were off to enjoy a pleasant day. Church was packed both services and it was a special blessing to have Judah in the worship center giving me sweet little waves while Kenton and I were on the worship team. I'm sure visitors were probably wondering, "who is that girl waving at?" Michelle let Judah sit with her during worship since he'd just about had enough of children's church for the day. (He had been there going on four hours, thanks Debbie and Michelle, FOR EVERYTHING!!!)

We spent the afternoon with Kenton's Dad's family.

Judah was swarmed with cousins, Aunts, Uncles, in-laws, friends, great Aunts, Great Uncles, and a GREAT GREAT Aunt Faye. There was plenty of family to go around. He helped Aunt Faye hide eggs and then quickly he hunted them with the whole lot. It must be tough being the star of the show!

Well, almost the single star. Judah's cousin Audrey did a little upstaging as she entered for her first Easter celebration. The little angel endured oohing and awing all day long and just took it all in stride. Uncle Kenton practiced his signature swaddle with Audrey and then to keep it fair he swaddled up our little man, so he could be just as comfy!

Judah was adjusting to sharing his stage with Audrey, but I think he'll do just fine. He bonded with her and I think he's hooked too!

It was a great day.

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