Friday, September 17, 2010

The Times They Are A Changin'

These new sights have caught my eye the past week while I was out running. They make me very happy. While out in Colorado, I felt so much safer on the road. They have several bike lanes and just an all around better attitude about bikers and runners sharing the road.  In Boston I was confused why the cars kept stopping for me. It's refreshing to think Wichita might become a healthier city very soon!

Several of these signs are covering the east side of town!
2nd Street Bike way is really happening!! Being painted as we speak!
Happy Friday!


  1. It's actually not just a good attitude-it's the law here that drivers MUST maintain at least a three foot space between themselves and cyclists on the road. The law was a bipartisan effort at its finest-two guys from different parties who are avid cyclists and mountain bikers came together to make the roads safer for everyone. It also beefed up penalties against those who throw things at, or otherwise harrass people on bicycles. You can check it all out here:

    Great to hear that Kansas is making positive changing with road sharing as well.

  2. You live in one of the best places on Earth! I love your state!

  3. interesting about the donut hail...great meeting you and your beautiful family too.....i thought about moving to the table next to you guys so we could talk, but then they seated someone there..oh well....yes, picture next time for sure..

  4. YAYAY! i saw this on my drive home last week, then noticed last night the lanes are covering even further on 2nd, all the way up to grove so far (that i saw). so AWESOME! so glad wichtia is finally getting it's stuff together in this regard.