Friday, September 10, 2010


That convenient little date is exactly one month from today. Many organizations have tried to jump on that catchy set of numbers for their event. The Chicago Marathon and The Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon just to name a few.
Another organization, closer to my home jumped on it too. 10-10-10 will mark the date of the first ever Prairie Fire Marathon. Wichita retired it's 30 year old, "Heart of Wichita Marathon," last October. An obscure 26.2 mile run from the small town of Derby through the outskirts of Sedgwick county and finally a few tiny miles into an unaware part of Wichita. No one knew it was happening, except for the runners and their families. So, about 300-400 people total even knew about it. The paper didn't report on it. The 3 major news stations didn't mention a word. But you better believe all the news fronts are always front and center when the local animal shelter has an event in the park with dogs and their owners for a social gathering...... but I digress.

So a year ago, word was given to show up at the arena for a press conference regarding this "new" marathon that was supposedly in the works.

I attended and listened to all the buzz.

 It was actually exciting to be present for the start of a new season. Like so many of my fellow runners had mentioned, "Why not Wichita?" Cities similar to our size have huge success with their races. From the high particpation to to incredible support of the spectators. In less than 10 years, our neighbors to the south, Oklahoma City, turned their marathon into a top 10 "must run" race.
11-9-09, I look so serious and skeptical. I was just listening :)
 They announced that the new marathon would include a half marathon, a relay, and the Mayor's 5K Challenge. However, possibly the best announcement was that the course was brand new and get this, it's actually going to go through the city of Wichita!! How clever :)
Prairie Fire Marathon Press Conference 
 The map was introduced later and it's going to go right pass our neighborhood and through a lot of the area we already train at. It's going to tour the main hubs in the central part of the city. Some are upset about the amount of turns, but I honestly have no opinion, I just want to support my city's new race.
I'm sure there are things to complain about, but I'm just excited to hear a lot of people say they're going to run one of the events and most of them have new run before! That's a victory right there. Usually the only thing this city gets excited about is food, so this could be a new season.

My "Fire Starter" Shirt
Meet "Sparky," and yeah, I think he's got fire coming out his back end too! 

So, I guess that's my official annoucement rgarding my fall marathon plans. I plan to run my heart out on 10-10-10. I plan to support my city's new marathon and once more be changed by putting my body, mind, and soul through such a challenge.
If you've never dared to take on the 26.2 monster, I implore you to be brave. It's worth it. Once you cross that finish line (whether running, walking, or crawling), for the rest of your life you'll know that anything is possible.


  1. It seems like every run goes through our neighborhood! Eli loves it! He likes to run down the side walk and pretend he's in it!

  2. I am so excited for Prairie Fire! It will be an awesomely fun day. Yay!

  3. Sounds like a great race! I wonder if my hip would put up with a marathon...

  4. On my list for next year hopefully!! awesome!!