Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Two Dads

I was caught off guard when I saw this today. I thought it was going to be cheesy right down to the Josh Groban song.
I quickly found myself sobbing like a baby.
I'm lucky to have a renewed relationship with my earthly father. I'm also blessed to have found faith in a heavenly father.
Running was used to teach me about their love for me.

In 2007 I ran my second marathon. My Dad ran the last several miles with me. I had a rough race. I had hit the wall early after a bad start.
He stuck by me until the finish. As I struggled and wavered. He helped me finish my race.
Only later did he tell me,
"All I wanted to do was pick you up and carry you."

I can finish any race because I know my Fathers will carry me if I need them to.


  1. That was beautiful; both your story, and the Olympian's. In a world where so many earthly fathers disappoint, it's wonderful to have a heavenly One who never will :)

  2. i remember when that happened, very touch...great video and analogy to our Father's love for us...