Monday, August 02, 2010

Deadman's Float

The Salty Dog Triathlon is in less than 2 weeks. I've been in the pool over 10 times now. However, that does not make me a swimmer. But we're set to have fun. If nothing else, fun laughing at my awesome swim skills!
I've developed a consistent, yet slow, version of the breast stroke. I can't seem to find my groove on any other stroke yet.

I'm going to get crushed by my friends this year. They all got new road bikes and hit the pool much harder.
I keep chanting to myself, "Make it up in the run."
I just hope I can.
It's good to be challenged.

What are you challenging yourself with lately?


  1. I really want to do a triathlong, but I'm not a strong runner, so I'll have to do a mini or sprint version. I used to be a competative swimmer though, so that's the part I'd find most do-able. You probably already know this, but breast stroke (though my favorite!!) is also the slowest. I don't know the length of your swim, so breast stroke could be a great way to go for a long, steady, swim. But if it's more of a sprint length, you may want to work on free style, since it's the fastest. I'm sure you'll leave them all behind during the running portion!! :)

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM CDT

    totally not sport-related, but I'm challenging myself with finishing out my math classes. Next quarter will be my 4th and final math class for my degree. Its been hard, because I'm no math brain, but rewarding to pull A's and B's in a subject I abhor.

    Enjoy your tri! You're going to do great!

  3. Every time I think of a Tri, i realize I need to swim and there goes that plan:) Its great that you are going after it! My challenge is always not getting injured as I train, but this summer my challenge has been trail running! Its tough and I suck at it right now...but practice right?!! Maybe I should apply that to my swimming too!!

  4. The pool is beautiful! No one's in it! My dream come true :) I took up swimming one of the summers in Cali, and it became my favorite way to work out. My friend is a swim instructor, so I had some free tips on my strokes. We had free access to a pool then too, and not so much now. Good luck as the triathlon nears!

  5. good luck, i bet you'll still smoke 'em all! if i had my road bike already i would totally go and do that tri, adam r. even offered to let me ride his for practice. but thanks to that little marathon trip to chicago, looks like the road bike has to wait. but i'm in for next year! i'm so ready to get my tri on.

    challenges? actually running in this weather. bluccchhh.