Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oz to Boston Day 1

Before our trip to Boston, I, the daughter and granddaughter of life long aircraft workers and granddaughter of a pilot, had never flown in a commercial aircraft. Oh, and my city, Wichita, is known as the 'Aircraft Capital of the World." Seriously.Neither had Judah, but he's 6.
We all did just fine. And by all I mean all 5 of us. I'm lucky enough to have had my mom and dad join me in this dream come true.
Wichita to Atlanta. Left cloudy cool 60 degree weather. Met sunny 75-80 degree weather.
Rushed to the other end of the world's largest airport.
Judah adjusted quite nicely to the quick trip from Atlanta to Boston. Where we got off and it was dark, rainy, and about 40 degrees!

But, they were expecting me.

We had a great shuttle driver who informed us that the Sox game was rained out and traffic would be heavier because of the game getting out early. In my mind, "awesome! We're really here!"
As we waited for Quan's Chinese delivery to bring us food at about 1 in the morning. Kenton passed on a hearty Carlile (my maiden name) tradition. "The first thing you must do in a hotel room is....' JUMP ON THE BEDS!!!'"
By 2AM we were fed and very very tired.
By daybreak....the real journey began.


  1. Gotta love Atlanta airport! Can't wait to read the rest. btw - The Running Lawyer pointed you out to me as you dashed over the River Run finish line. Nice time!

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