Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B.A.A. 5K and Marathon Eve- DAY 3

It was another early morning as I rose to prepare for the 5K with my Dad. I always run 3 miles the day before a marathon. So I decided to run these 3 miles with a bib number on. My Dad decided to cruise through the race with me. We came together to embrace this experience, so it was really touching when he told me he wasn't going to race, he was going to run with me. Still being newbies in town we didn't know the best way to get to the start. So we decided to just run there. We headed down to Boylston and found it to be much different with the traffic closed off. We walked up to the Finish Line and kinda approached it with awe. A stranger offered to take our picture. The 5K would finish at the same finish line. I was kind of worried that I'd be let down on Monday if I already crossed it once on Sunday. But a nice leisurely 3 mile run verses the "show" were not to be compared.
We lined up in a massive herd of people. It was cool but dry, until the announcer started talking. It began to rain as we waited. While we were still a ways off, we could hear perfectly the names that were being introduced. On a platform far off, real running heroes were present. Some were preparing to run with us. Among the runners were my two favorites. Bill Rodgers
In so many ways, those two have played such a huge role in my running. If it weren't for them, I doubt I would have been in Boston that day.

We took off and had a great run through the city. Together my Dad and I got to see Boston Common, The State House, and Cheers! We both stuck out like true Kansans as we, once again, could not hold back our amazement at all we were seeing. My Dad was so giddy he was hoopin' and hollerin' along the way. We ran causally. That's hard for me to do with a bib number on. But I knew I had to just chill out, because Monday was coming quick.
We were also honored to be following the foot steps of the 5K winner, Josh Cox. He's the American 50K record holder. He's Olympian Ryan Hall's training partner. And as I type, he is on his way to South Africa to compete in the 56mile Comrades Ultra Marathon. I have been so impressed with the noble work he's doing with his running. I learned all about how he's working to get 1,500 needy children sponsored through World Vision's team. Again, What an honor to run with him!

Our official time was 23:45. Nothing to write home about. Just a nice pre-marathon "shake out" run. Oh, THROUGH THE FREAKIN' STREETS of BOSTON!
We were herded so quickly through the chute. Then quickly turned into a tent. It was all so fast and organized. We were given medals, handed a bag and corralled through a line and allowed to grab one of each awesome item on the tables. Finagle A Bagel, juice, fruit leather, water, chips, and so much more. Before we knew it we were on the other side walking back to our family. Even as we walked back, the finishers were still coming in by the hundreds. There were over 4,000 runners that morning.After we found the family, I mentioned that I'd like to "run" back in to the expo "rel quick", since we were right there, and see if they had anymore of the kid's shirts. HA! Since I quickly learned that some expo items are "expo only" items, I re-thought my purchase plan. Essentially, I said, "Kenton, give me the credit card, and don't ask me about the total."
Well, hooray! They managed to find more kids shirts overnight! So as I grabbed one of those, I also, grabbed a hoodie, another tee shirt for me, a stocking cap, and a button. I managed to walk away and had to overt my eyes.
As Kenton, Judah, and I managed to walk out with my "minimal" second day damage, my Mom called. Her and my Dad were still hoarding the goods. I mentioned a shirt that I liked, but said I couldn't go back in or Kenton would kill me. They told me to come in and find them. Long story short. I left with another pullover and t-shirt.
New Balance may have had the best shirts. So great in fact, that I am so mad I didn't grab a slightly too big one, just because it's better than nothing. I fell in love with the green one so hard, that I actually bought the last one off the sale rep's back.

My Mom and Dad's money went to good use. I wear this shirt all the time! (Thanks guys, Like I always said, 'I know I'm spoiled, I'm just not a brat.')

So, still wearing my race clothes, bib, and medal, I toted a much heavier bag back to the hotel! All bad choices are excused by the simple phrase, "But! It's Boston!"
We headed back to the hotel and I had to snap this picture. The optical shop, just like everywhere else in town, would be closed the next day. Panic/excitement was starting to set in. "It's happening!!"
We have rules in our family about eating on vacation. 1. You can't eat anywhere you could at home. 2. You can't go to a place more than once. We broke those rules. On Sunday afternoon we discovered a chain restaurant called BoLoco. This joint rivals, if not beats, our beloved Chipotle. While it was a new and first time visit on Sunday, we did go back two more times during our trip.
We also broke rule number one on Sunday night. But I think we're going to make an addendum to that rule. "You can go to a known restaurant when one or more members is running 26.2 miles in the morning and needs to feed their gut food it has already been acquainted with."
I had made "safe" reservations at P.F. Chang's two weeks prior. If I'm not cooking at home, I can safely eat at Pei Wei or P.F. Chang's. My pre-race meal is chicken and broccoli over brown rice.
We rode the T to Prudential Tower and enjoyed a nice meal. Judah got his very first Roy Rogers and was quite pleased. I was just trying to chill and breath deep.
Mom and Dad celebrated with none other than Sam Adams, what else would you drink in Boston?
As everything takes longer than expected, we got back as soon as possible and I laid out everything. I even had a checklist. It was rather extensive. I crossed everything off, right down to "schedule wake-up call" and "set both alarms."
I'm pretty sure I went to bed, it didn't feel like long before those alarms and phones were ringing.


  1. It's so great to read what it was like to run the Boston Marathon. Thanks for these posts. I look forward to reading more about your trip.

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