Sunday, November 22, 2009

White or Dark Meat?

Yesterday was the 34th annual Wichita Turkey Trot. At 9:30 sharp one gun sounds for two races. A two mile and a 10 mile. I huddled up in the cloudy misty morning with over 600 of my closest 10 miler friends and headed out for a run along the Arkansas River. This was my 4th Turkey Trot. Same course each year. So no surprises. It is nice to see how the city remodeled much of the river path through the years and it's always great to pass the mile 3 and mile 7 location as there are many lively spectators.

I'm unfortunately nursing a tight/pulled/strainedPopliteus muscle in my left leg. It acted up a little strongly around mile 4 and ached off and on throughout the race. My PT was out on the course and had already given me the "lecture" about pushing it. "The goal is to get you to BOSTON!" Keeping that in mind I ran a pretty good race and forced myself not to hunt down "little miss pass me at mile 6.5 and make me clinch my teeth" (What?!! Me? Competitive?)

I hit mile eight and decided to pick it up. I hit mile 9 and decided to pick it up more. I ran in to the finish line happy with a new PR. 1:11:21 was the final result. That was good enough for a 6 minute PR and a 3rd place age group award. I finished with some stiffness but was able to walk it out as my mom and I walked the mile and a half back to the car for dry clothes. Once we returned to chat with my Dad and all the other successful runners all the turkey brats were gone. DE-Nied! The weather seemed to get chiller and my parents decided to leave. I stuck around for the awards. While I was happy with the results and the nice plaque I received, my real prize of the day had nothing to do with my running ability.

The race was sponsered by a mixed hits radio station, 104.4 THE FOX. The DJ was asking music trivia to the crowd. His very last obscure question was, "Name the artist from 1991 who performed 'Gonna Make You Sweat.'" As the crickets chirped and the entire crowd stared with unknowing faces, I embarrassingly raised my hand. "C &C Music Factory..?" "RIGHT!!!! You win a free turkey!!!" I ducked my head in shame for knowing the answer but took my coupon with glee. Free turkey? SCORE!!
(I don't know how I knew that answer, I swear!!)

Here's to Turkey, trotting, and C & C Music Factory!


  1. awesome run, way to PR...any congrats on winning the turkey, i would not have known that one...i was never called back to help with the race, so they must have had enough help...hopefully next year i can run this one...

  2. Don't pretend that it isn't on your iPod right now...uh huh :) Nice job with the race - that's a great time and a pretty huge PR! I keep getting more and more tempted to do a Wichita race at some point!

  3. Nice job on the run, Lacy!
    I know that answer too! It's on my 90's Dance Mix cd.

  4. LOL. Good memory Lacy!!