Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy Knick of Time Batman!

I heard this morning that Boston was closed.
I was so thankful that I went ahead and committed a few week's ago. I can't believe I'm actually going. When I first learned about the Boston Marathon, I was struggling to hold a 10 minute mile. I remember asking my Dad if he thought I could qualify some day. A few emails back and forth was all it took to get my sights set on a BQ. Here we are less than six months out from it becoming a reality. I started running at age 25 and will be running The 114th Boston Marathon at age 28. Wow, what a long(ish) strange trip it's been.


  1. great job and congrats on sneaking in! Enjoy the race for me while your at it :)

  2. how cool is that, you have been accepted...take lots of pics in Boston to share with us less fortunate (slower) peeps...yeah, angie beats me at poker regularly...are you doing the turkey trot? i called to be a volunteer but they haven't called me back, so they must not need it...

  3. Hi Lacy! I found your blog this morning and have been catching up. What a great journey you've been on! It is inspirational to me that you started where I'm at (10 minute miler) and now have qualified for Boston. And you're doing it! So awesome!

    Just wanted to give you a "High five" and a good luck wish! Looking forward to keeping up with you!