Saturday, September 19, 2009

Run To You

I love and hate the day before a race. Tomorrow's the half marathon. This is a very comfortable distance for me. I run at least that far about once a week. So I'm definitely not sweating like I am the day before a marathon. But still I'm checking the weather, watching my diet, counting my fluid intake, and all together more amped than most days. I've learned that I have to take it as easy as possible, lay low in order to conserve my energy. So, I'm loading my mp3 player, charging my garmin, emptying my camera, making sure the clothes are clean, and laying all my goods out early. This is supposed to free me of a late night full of stress. Here's to hoping I've got all that down to a fine science by now!
Sometimes in training season I accidentally get fixed on a mantra. This year, I have a picture that keeps popping in my head. I'll share with you what's some of my greatest motivation for running.
Here's my son, running to me after his first day of kindergarten. Oh, how I love him. I'd run to the moon for him and never grow faint.

Here's to a great race in the morning!


  1. i hear ya!!!!! i think i need to be better at preparation. i certainly get nervous enough but i have been lax about my eating and stretching and sleeping, so this is something i could work on. :) how was the race???????

  2. Hey, congrats on your awesome finish in the half yesterday! I confess, I peeked at the race results to see how you ended up. :) I'm so inspired, I'd be happy someday just to break the 2 hour barrier in the half!

  3. hey fantastic race last weekend (Wichita Marathon)...way to win your age group! that is very impressive indeed...i stumbled on this site that you might like --
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