Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

As my previous post indicates, my true passion is truly my beloveds. While running is important it was so easy to get my priorities back in order this past month. Hence my posting strike....just too much living to do, to stop and write about it.
While I've been soaking up all the family fun I can, I have still been training. Training pretty hard I might add. I'm planning on Wichita's Full Marathon on October 18th. I decided to cut back much of my other racing though. It's 5K season in these parts and if I wanted to, I could race race one every weekend. But I've got better things to do with my time this season.
I've run three 20+ milers as part of my full training and things are going well. I may run one 5K in October, a few weeks before the marathon. Besides that I'm enjoying my long runs with good friends on early Saturday mornings. Then I have a whole entire weekend to enjoy my family.

So that's that, minus one minor detail. I'm celebrating my birthday this weekend with one more race. I turn 28 on Sunday, September 20th. Wichita's Half Marathon just happens to be the same day. I was so excited when I learned this months ago. It always falls near my birthday, but never right on it. So, I will celebrate appropriately this year!
It always has a great turn out and it's one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning.

One bummer is that I think I killed my iPod. It dumped rain on me last week and I think the rain claimed my special iPod's life. While any inconvenience like this stinks, this is a particularly hard blow to me. My Dad gave this shuffle to me. He had it engraved. He's always been my biggest fan and I carry his words of encouragement with me during most runs and almost every race. While I have another solution for loading up my motivating tunes, I'm still pretty bummed that I won't have my Dad's gift to take on my special birthday journey this year.Either way though, I always hear his words to me as I run. And come this Sunday, I'm ready to "GO GET 'EM!"


  1. first of all- MY IPOD DIED, TOO!

    second of all you are amazing with your training, you're so versatile, you just pick up from rocking 5ks and then run 20milers!!! i wish i had this versatility!!!

    third of all- THAT'S WHAT MY DAD SAYS- and i say it to everyone too "go get 'em!" i love that you have the exact same phrase... my ipod that just died was also engraved, but sadly not so exciting or meaningful-- it was from my work our christmas gift a couple of years ago so it just had our work name engraved on the back.

    i'm looking at a new music player, which i saw advertised by runner's world:

    Price: 1GB $40; 2GB $60; 8GB $105

    This itty-bitty music player offers great sound and plenty of storage in a wearable package that you can attach to your waistband and forget about.

    Runner-Friendly Features
    The Clip manages to squeeze a one-inch screen into a petite frame that lets you see what's playing by artist, album, and genre. And if you need a spell from your regular dose of Moby and Fatboy Slim, the player has a built-in FM tuner with 40 preset channels.

    Not So Friendly
    The FM reception can be spotty, especially if you're running in the woods.

    Perfect For
    Runners looking to pack as much music as possible into a small space

  2. i didn't even know you could have an ipod engraved, how cool is that? sorry it died on you...happy early birthday, good luck on the 1/2 this weekend...i was hoping to do it but my foot is not better yet...go get em

  3. I read about your Blog on Fair Weather Runner today and thought I would stop in an say "HI". Best of luck in your RAce this weekend and Happy Birthday. I will add you to my racing calendar for High Five Friday if you are interested let me know :)

  4. I don't know how I wasn't following your blog...that's fixed now! I'm going to be out at the Wichita 1/2 on Sunday, too - happy birthday to you!! I hope we have great weather for your birthday run.

    Sorry to hear about your special ipod...what a nice thing of your dad to do for you. Maybe you can somehow figure out how to take the clip part off and put it on a chain? Just a thought! That way you could still always keep it with you on a run.