Friday, April 10, 2009

Who Are You Supposed To Be?

Judah had his school carnival on Saturday. After several games and prizes he decided to use his remaining tickets to get his face painted. He went in and declared that he wanted to look like a bear. The very friendly middle school aged helper had him sit down with his back to us as she went diligently to work. After several minutes he was finished and turned around. Once we saw his face we nearly fell out of our little first grade chairs laughing.
Judah has a great school. We've really been blessed by the experience he's had there this year. Adam's is not our neighborhood school. It's a little further away from our house and the culture is much more diverse in that neighborhood. Just to give you an idea, Judah is the only white boy in his class. I think every nationality is represented in his class. As for the rest of the school it's about the same, very diverse. 
So, as he turned around we insisted he go back and at least get some whiskers and a pink nose.
 His first rendering looked more like he was trying to blend in to his environment than be a brown bear.

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