Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Lucky Day

I Love St. Patrick's Day! I don't know why. I always have. Kenton and I met on St. Patrick's day. But even before that, I've always loved it. Even the year my parents insisted I wear the sea foam green sweater, that I hated, to go bumper bowling didn't spoil my love of this random holiday.
Kenton and I are going to go out tonight and Judah is spending the evening with his Meme. So, he and I celebrated the Irish holiday all day together.
He was adorned in green, as all should be on this day. His father somehow forgot to wear green. So, after Judah pinched him, he lent him a sticker and a homemade "St. Patrick's Day leaf" to wear.
We joined the other 3/4 of the city and went to the zoo today and hit Sonic for happy hour to top the afternoon off.
But before we got going, I honored my mom by continuing one of her traditions. I dyed his lunch time milk green. We always had corned beef and cabbage as a St. Pat's meal and my mom always dyed our milk green. It somehow seemed to taste better to me when it was green. I didn't make cabbage or corned beef, but I did keep with the theme. Judah had green eggs, green peas, green apple sauce and of course green milk. He's lactose intolerant so it was soy milk, but it still turns green just fine. As I served the all green meal to Judah on his green plate he painted, he piped up and made me smile, "mmm my milk taste better because it's green!"
Here's to all thing tasting better, because they're green! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. SO is that a "Rosstoberfest" shirt Judah is wearing? I know you guys miss us, but to have a race in our honor? Wow...I'm humbled!

  2. Yeah... next month is "Marshall Field Day"
    All the best keep moving away. Next time we should really invite you to Rosstoberfest! It was fun!