Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hanging With The Greats

Judah has a great family. He has a huge, great family. 6 Grandparents, two cousins, and aunts and uncles coming out the wazoo! They range from age 12-90 years old.
Judah got to spend some special time with two of his Aunts this week. Judah's Great Great Aunt Faye is 90 years young and loves playing with Judah. Earlier in the week she asked if he'd come over during spring break and help her decorate her tree with Easter eggs for the spring. He was so excited. He wanted to go do it right then and there. He didn't care that Aunt Faye had things to do, he was ready. After we told him
 we'd have to wait until she had time he became to constant questioner, "Is today the day I go to Aunt Faye's?" After tears poured down his face Monday, we called to see if she was available that evening. She was busy and he was beside himself. We set a date for Thursday afternoon.
 Every morning he rose and asked, "Is today the day I go to Aunt Faye's?"
Finally the time came and we were on our way to Faye's house. When we pulled in to the drive he jumped out of the car and left me in his dust. He walked in to find an extra special surprise, not only was Great Great Aunt Faye there, but Great Aunt Nancy was there too. She'd come to town to join us for some spring break fun.
By this point it was hard to tell who was more excited, Judah or Aunt Faye. Judah was pulling eggs out of the closet and Faye was running around the house trying to get the rest of the supplies. Finally the eggs were strung and we were able to head out and hang them.
I love that Judah gets
 these experiences. How many kids get to hang out with their Great and Great Great Aunts? I hope Judah cherishes these times and remembers them always.

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