Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TNT Wrap-Up

We knew Kalon. He's had Leukemia for several years.
We meet the Dull's. Their daughter Kaley was diagnosed with Leukemia in December.

My Dad gets the Team In Training Info and we go to a meeting. I sign up to raise money and run the half.

Kenton signs up too. We train and fund raise.

We meet Kaley and are so pleased that we are pressing forward with this mission.
I end up breaking my Ramus and I'm taken out of the race. My Dad takes my spot.
We continued to fund raise. Even Judah got in on the hard work!

Grand total raised: $5,448!!!!

Race Day. April 27, 2008.
Weather: Rain, gusty wind, and about 40 degrees! Yuck! First time I said, "I'm glad I'm not running today."
6:30 AM Start. As nearly 16,000 people run by I find Kenton and he explains that he's lost my Dad at a porta-potty stop around the 1/2 mile mark. I see my Dad at mile 9 and quickly change his mind about dis-owning Kenton. "He's behind you, he couldn't find you at the porta-potty." (AKA "No he didn't leave you!")
Judah smooches Daddy at Mile 9 and we head for the finish line.

A picture at the porta potty to commemorate where it all went wrong.

Free Carl Jr's burgers for all!!!!!

Kenton's victory chips and salsa.

Put this baby to bed!

I am more than pleased that we got the opportunity to raise and run in these two amazing kids' name. We got the chance to visit with both of them. On the night we met, Kaley boldly wore a bandanna for the first time due to the hair loss. On the evening we met Kalon, he had just returned from getting a spinal tap.

They both were so brave to face this disease with such grace and strength.

I will be forever changed because of this experience.

Thank You Kaley and Kalon for being so dang strong!

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