Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our New Zoom-Zoom

The time had come. Our old car was struggling to keep up with us these past few months. We seemed to be sending it off to the shop more than we were driving it.

After much deliberation and submission we purchased a new car this week.

It's a wonderful car, however, the submission referred to the fact that it wasn't my pick. Just like you wouldn't find me sporting particular clothing items, I wouldn't go out and pick this car simply based on my tastes. However, I have been encouraged to try on pink shirts before and discovered that once on, they weren't so bad.

With factors such as warranty, MPG, reliability, and most importantly, gas prices, this pink shirt wasn't so bad either.

Kenton pulled away with our Blazer on Thursday night and I recalled all the special things about that car.

We bought it in Derby. It was to fulfill our need for a family car as I was 4 months pregnant at the time.

We drove it to the Hospital in the wee hours of the morning on October 21, 2003. I returned to that car on Friday October, 24 with a third passenger. Judah Owen Hansen and in all his 9lbs. 13 oz. glory took his first trip in to the world in that blazer.

All of my first trips as a mommy were in the blazer.

The blazer carried us to Tulsa, OK as we celebrated with my sister and new brother in law on their wedding day. The blazer carried us to Dallas in the same summer as we celebrated another wedding. Kenton's step-sister and our new brother in law were wed in Dallas.

The blazer took us to Galveston Island as we enjoyed the Gulf of Mexico with out infant son.

More recently the blazer was adorned with a sticker stating nothing more than a number. The number 26.2. Reminding me of the trip we took to Oklahoma City as I ran my first marathon.

Many many many memories were shared in the Blazer. I will miss it. But my husband knew it was time to say goodbye.

He returned Thursday night with our new family vehicle. A vehicle that will surely come with just as many if not more memories. So, here it is, the new member of our family who has been affectionately named, Phantom.

2008 Mazda 3 Five Door, Phantom Blue Hansen


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Do I have the honor of being the one who named your "baby" or was it someone else who said it before me?