Friday, August 17, 2007

Worth Our Salt

Last weekend Kenton and I headed off to Hutchinson for a little alone time, well, sorta.
In a last minute sign up we went out to compete in the Salty Dog Triathlon. It was a nice challenge for us both.
Not many pictures because we were out there by ourselves.
A torch has been passed when it comes to these triathlons. Kenton's finish times have trumped mine for a change.
He's a strong swimmer and a much stronger bike rider.
He completed the 400 meter swim, 10.8 mile bike ride, and the 5K run in 1:18. I rolled in behind him at 1:22.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little upset to pass on my undefeated record, but I'm so proud of Kenton.

I guess the only way I can think of to boost my competitive ego, is get up tomorrow morning and wait for the 7:30 AM start for 13.32 miles up Pike's Peak. That's 7,815 feet of vertical gain, whoa!
My Dad and I covet your prayers and can't wait to tell you the story when it's all over.
I think that completion might help lift my spirits.

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  1. We are proud of you! Good job Kenton too...Can't wait for the post of the mountain trek! Love you girl!