Thursday, August 09, 2007

The SWEET Life Of Judah Owen

This kid has got it made in the shade!

Here are a few highlights from Judah's summer.

Yesterday he got to have his Library pizza party at Pump It Up.

He set a goal of reading 100 books this summer.

To the victor go the spoils!

Daddy gave Judah his first lesson in computer games recently. He's now hooked on playing all the games at

Big boy waved "bye-bye" to his diaper pail this week. I'm not sure who was happier, him or us.

Playing like a cowboy at Babes N' Books was right up his alley!

Playing with his cousin Landon multiple times this summer is at the very top of Judah's fun list.
He even like towing Landon's neighbor around on the trike.

Anytime the kid can get wet he's a happy camper. Either with Daddy, Great Great Aunt Faye, or the girls from church.

He surprised us the other day with his new look he created. "How I look good, Mommy?"
We were overjoyed that another boy was born, Kyle will have to be one of Judah's best friends, he'll just have to.

As he ran the 1K kid race this summer, he huffed and puffed toward the line chanting, "Pan-cakies, Pan-cakies!" Can you tell whose son he is?
My big boy is getting too big. I only pray he can store any tidbit of these experiences in his memory. They have been so priceless to watch and so sad to see them fade away.

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  1. Anonymous2:14 PM CDT

    Oh to be Judah. Great story.

    Love, NeeNee