Monday, July 02, 2007

Vacation Part Two

Here it is as promised, chapter two in our wonderful summer vacation.

We rolled in to beautiful Colorado Springs, to be greeted by most of the Ross'. Eventually the rest either woke from nap or returned from work and we enjoyed all of them.

We spent several fun filled days at their lovely home and their awesome city.

It was exceptionally hot (for Colorado) and we all swam most days.

Day six:

The Royal Gorge.

We traveled about an hour away to visit the world's highest suspension bridge. The views were amazing!

We rode the tram across.

Saw the animals and stubborn burros on the other side.

We walked across the bridge and watched the tiny river flow below us.

Then we rode the incline railway down to the, now, much larger river.

Day Seven:

The Barr Trail. As many of you know my Dad and I are going up Pikes Peak this summer. Kenton and I went to go check out the trail that we'll be "running" in August. Getting our butts kicked on is more like it!

One mile up took me 17:21 and I was wiped! In the Ascent we have to go up over 13 miles!!

The views were awesome and the run down was fun. I was sure glad the people walking up were kindly moving out of the way! We were flying down and plenty of times we couldn't have stopped even if we wanted to! August will sure have some great stories!

That night we all went to Mr. Bigg's Bigg City! Indoor fun galour! Judah really enjoyed playing with his friends at "Mr. Twigs."

I think Kenton and Travis did too. Even though I'm pretty sure the air cannons in "Little Big Town" were meant for kids, that didn't stop two grown men from attacking any and all who crossed their path.

Judah loved loading the gun and screaming in his best pirate voice, "Fire in da' hole!"

It was a fun time, we were all so tired!

Day Eight:

The kids played at Focus on the Family. Judah loved the Wardrobe room. He got to walk through the wardrobe just like Lucy and find the lamppost and snow and many other sights of Narnia on the other side.

Jennette was too kind and watch Judah for us again while Kenton and I went out to our new favorite store/restaurant in the world, Whole Foods Market. Ahh... all the yummy, good for you food a girl could want. Let's just say, Lacy has a new favorite food, carrot chips!!!

We spent the last night playing with the kids and especially loving up those sweet sweet faces Jaden makes!

Judah saw how much we loved Jaden's kissy face and now he tries to do it at bed time.
Day Nine:

With much lagging we had to force ourselves to pull away from the wonderful hospitality and fun at the Ross'.

We hit the road and set out for one more destination as we headed east for the flat lands.

Dodge City, KS. Boot Hill

We arrived just in time to see a real gun fight, purchase coon skin caps, and get a new family portrait.

After our walk through history, we buckled in for the last long haul of driving and bid 'ado to our vacation. Appropriately, Kansas greeted us home with a rainbow. As the sun set behind us we soon knew that there really is no place like home.


  1. No place like home? Who are you trying to kid??!!

  2. Just because there is no place like home doesn't mean it's a good thing!! Trust me...the flat humid scenery was not a welcoming site to return to!
    When are you going to just buy us a house so we can live there?