Friday, July 06, 2007

Independence Day

Wednesday was the official one year mark for me. Last year on the fourth, I ran my first run. I woke that morning fretting over the fun run, the one mile. I can't believe how one year flew by. How one mile grew to an eventual 26.2 and a passion that won't cease. I ran that one mile with the prodding and encouragement of my Dad, I can't thank him enough for the nudge, look what it's done for me. Thanks Dad. You've been my biggest fan and greatest encourager through it all. What a gift, to be challenged and pushed on such a consistent basis. An opportunity to see what your made of, a chance to succeed, a chance to fail, and chances to get back up and try it again and again. Running has changed me and I can't wait to see what happens this year.
Derby, Kansas 4th of July Firecracker Run 2007
4 Mile Start 7:30 AM. The start greeted us with sun, heat, and humidity! It was a tough run, but we all finished. I didn't manage to make the pictures, I guess I was just too fast. HA! You can see Kenton and my Dad right behind Dr. Feuille. I heard some one yell, "Slow down Lacy!" looked back to see my doctor, gave him a smile and ran on. Through the heat, I believe everyone managed a new record. I finished the four mile in 31:00, my best time by three minutes.

I'm not certain of everyone elses times, but they all were great. Michael had a great finish with baby Rayanne crossing the line with him.
I managed a 2nd place medal and as my Mom entered her first run since 1982, she received a medal for her finish in the one mile, not bad for a 25 year hiatus!
We all had a fun morning.
The evening held more and more fun.
Kenton and James concocted the "Adult Size Slip n' Slide."
All the kids and James and Kenton had a blast.

Soon it was pouring and the sprinklers were no longer necessary. The rest of us watched adoringly as they all got really dirty!
With the rain we held off on most of our firework fun until the next night. Besides, there were so many explosives going off around the Weishaar's house it was more than enough, plus it felt like we were in the middle of a war reinactment!

Judah, Kenton and I had a fun time lighting sparklers, crackling balls, poppers, spinning glow bugs, this, that, hoosker dos, hoosker don'ts (with or with out the scooter stick), and the boys had fun blowing up Judah's sand bucket.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Is Kenton wearing your hat? (Compare pics of him on the Independence Day run with you on "Vacation Part One, day 2". Looks like the same hat to me!

  2. no. Wendy and I found that hat of his while we were running near a skate ramp. It's cool, but too big for me, so he took it and I bought a similar one.
    We're getting to that "dress alike stage" aren't we?