Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Little Help From My Friends

As many of you know we are heading off on vacation this week.
Yes, vacation! Every time I think about it I get that song by the Go-Gos stuck in my head.

"Vacation All I ever wanted Vacation Had to get away....." Of course when I hear it I can't help but let my mind drift to the sounds of Angelica, from Rugrats, singing it as the family was heading off to the "Graham Canyon." Therefore solidifying that I really do need to get out of the house more!

Never the less, whether to the tune of a cartoon character or not, we're off in just a few days!


We are heading directly to Estes Park, Colorado and planning on about four fun filled days in the Rocky Mountains. Then we are climbing down a bit to see the Ross' in Colorado Springs. With a day trip planned for the Royal Gorge in the middle of the week. Or if you talk to Judah, "the big hole with a river going through it."

Lots and lot of fun, I'm sure.

I've never been to Estes and wasn't planning on it anytime soon, until about a month ago my Runner's World magazine listed the Estes Marathon and Half Marathon as a "Must run" this summer. Knowing that my body wasn't ready for another full marathon just yet, I thought a nice halfer up in the mountains would be a good challenge and it sounded fun.

So there you have it..... an entire vacation created around a run. I'm guilty. I've gone to the obsessed level.

I've been training hard with three half marathon training runs the past four weeks and several fast races.

Speaking of fast. My husband challenged me to a 5K. He proclaimed for all to hear that he was going to beat me at the Victory in the Valley 5K on June 2nd. His big talk got me and my Dad roaring to take him on. We all blasted at the start and I thought maybe Kenton was going to live up to his challenge. But unfortunately he spent too much time talking and not enough time training. Me and my old man caught him and left him behind.


71 Randy Carlile 50 M Wichita KS W 24:41
I had two goals.
1. Beat Kenton (or try my best to be a good loser)
2. Set a new personal record and come in under 25 minutes.
It was a good day, I did both! All that extra push got me a third place medal too. I was really humbled, even if my "ha!" to Kenton didn't show it.
So, all that to say..... training has been going well and I expect to have a nice run this Sunday. I know that high altitude is going to be a challenge and I'll need some extra endurance to push through.
That's what I need from ALL of you. A little help.
You see, one of my greatest gifts in life has been the gift of Mrs. Wendy Grist as a running partner. She's an incredible friend, encourager, runner, and believer. Recently her health has prevented her from running. She knows and I know that God is going to heal her and we are both patiently awaiting the day we can spend hours out on the trails, running through Wichita. She even mention out next challenge should be an Ultra-Marathon. That's when crazy people run over 50 miles at a time. She's all heart and God has blessed her spirit.
I miss her terribly though. All my training has been in solitude. Just me and my iPod and few good songs to help me keep going. It's okay, but it's not the same. For now, it'll have to do. God had told Wendy to wait and as her health hasn't currently improved, she has no other choice.
Just thinking of her gives me more inspiration to get off my seat and push a little harder every time.
My mantra as of right now is, "I Run because.....Wendy can't."
She's continually encouraged me to cherish running and never give up. I just love her so much.
Pray for her, if you aren't already.
All that to say, can you all help inspire me for the long lonely run I have coming up? I need good songs to put in my ears. They don't have to be sacred or "christian", sometimes they just need a good beat.
Currently one of my favorites is, "All These Things That I've Done," by The Killers. You should check it out.
Friends and family, please over load me with your suggestions. I've got credit at iTunes and I'm ready to reload my Nano. Can you help me?


  1. Anonymous3:34 AM CDT

    "Praise the King" by Cindy Morgan is one of my favorite walking songs - it's a little slower but I can't help but want to dance in praise to it. David Crowder Band's "Revolutionary Love" is one that gets me going too.

  2. Anonymous3:35 AM CDT

    Forgot to add my name - sorry, it's Jennifer - can't get the Google log in to work for me.

  3. What the World will never Take Away by Hillsong United is a great song. I think it will fit for you up in those mountains when the altitued is hitting you.

  4. Sorry I can't spell and don't think to take time to proofread:)

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM CDT

    Ok Lace...First of all, Yea me for posting a comment on your blog! Here are some songs that get me going when I am working out: Clocks by Coldplay, Beautiful Day and Walk On by U2, Lose Yourself by Eminem, Sexyback by Justin Timberlake, Hey Ya by Outkast, Let's Get It Started by Blacked Eyed Peas, Mr. Jones by Counting Crows, More Than a Feeling by Boston, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses, Joy to the World by 3 Dog Night, Move Along by All American Rejects, and Bring Em Out by TI feat. Jay-Z. They may not all be motivational, but sometimes a good beat can keep you going. Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about your trip!--Love, Linds

  6. Lacy-
    My dj has left town, he'd be great at offering you some great songs to run to. Wendy's song for her marathon, "I'll praise you in this storm..." I don't know the title, is incredible insipiration! I bawl everytime I think about that song and what the Lord is leading her through right now. You know that I will be praying for you girl! I love you!

  7. I would be utterly shocked if I actually knew of a song or band that you didn't, but you asked, so...Leland's "Reaching" always makes me want to move. The whole album is good but too mellow for your purposes. I also love Mutemath's "Control","Chaos", and "PLan B."

  8. Ok, I just listened to Relient K's "Must Have Done Something Right" and the following song, "Give Until There's Nothing Left" (which might be appropriate when running, especially in my case!) Enjoy!

  9. Lacy,

    I love "Did you feel the mountains tremble?" by Matt Redman. I think it would be a good one when running through the mountains, too. Also, a current favorite is "Under Pressure" by David Bowie/Queen. It's currently in a commercial for propel water, which has got to be the best ad on tv right now. Good luck with your run, I'm sure you'll do great.

  10. Keane - any and all. Hopes and Fears is great.
    Jeremy Riddle - Full Attention
    Leland - self titled debut
    Brenton Brown - Everlasting God
    Delerious - World Service
    The Thrills - So Much For The City
    Guster - Keep It Together

    I'm sure you either have or have heard most of this, but it's good stuff. There's several other CD's in our minivan that Jennette has commandeered. :-) Enjoy!

  11. Anonymous1:29 PM CDT

    Jeff suggested "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. hahahahaha....

  12. So many good ones! It's funny though, there are a lot of us with similar tastes.
    Lindsay, I think with the exception of two of yours I had all of those in the mix already. (It's like we've known each since the fourth grade or something and we have so much in common... oh, wait... we have!) Jamie is so right, the Propel add rocks and it inspired me to buy "Under Pressure" two weeks ago! And Kari... Jeff may have been joking..... but shh! Don't tell anyone, I already have Billie Jean and I've had on the nano since day one. (Okay there you have it, I'm a closet Michael Jackson fan.... let it be known!)

  13. Anonymous4:44 PM CDT

    Matisyahu-King Without a Crown. Yeah, that makes me wanna move! I also really get moving to some old school Beck, like the Midnight Vultures album, or Smashmouth. Oh, and Lily Allen is soooo fun (even if a little naughty)! I'll let you know if I come up with anything else.

    Melissa F

  14. It is really stupid that I don't just walk into the other room and tell you, but...

    There are 2 songs that I haven't told you before. I heard them both lastnight driving home from the car rental place with me and Judah in the car.

    Foo Fighters "My Hero"
    perfect tempo for about a 8:30 mile, and it rockks out and builds with true emo style. Like you always said Foo Fighters are like Nirvana with talent.

    and ....

    The Cardigans "Love Fool" not that I like this song. but a steady beat for knowing when to put your feet back on the ground.

    another bonus is that you can know that both of them make me think of you. Except for the "pretend you love me" in love fool. and also that it is written from a femal perspective. Well pretty much everything except the "Say that you love me" line.

  15. I think that Kenton just like the episode of The Office where Andy sings The Cardigans, "Love me, love me, say that you love me..." Secretly he just wants someone to sing it to him, Lacy! Go for it and make his day!