Monday, June 25, 2007

I Finished

A million thank yous to all of you!

I think I took at least one song from all of your suggestions and it created one of the best play lists ever.

Running alone at an elevation of about 7,500 feet above sea level created it's challenges, but I just cranked the volume to over power the sound of my breathing and ran on.

If it wasn't the lack of oxygen taking my breath away it was the amazing views. The Rocky Mountains are overwhelmingly beautiful.

After a solid 6 miles uphill, and several more ups and downs, I crossed the finish line with a time of 2:06:59. I'm so proud of that and you all deserve some of the credit. You got me there with your motivating suggestions. Thank you.

It was an unforgettable experience. As I sent a message to my biggest motivator, Wendy, and let her know I was done, she let me know and now all of you, she'll be there, "Next Year."

I know she will.

Post race was another unforgettable experience as well. I'm revelling in my first high altitude experience, sporting my finisher medal, and hitting the buffet of food. Plain to say I was feeling good. Kenton goes to get "me" a freshly brewed beer, we laugh as he takes this picture.

(Side note: I hate beer and even if I did like it, I WOULDN'T be drinking it as a recovery drink after 13.1 miles in the mountains.)

I might as well have drank it though because the altitude caught up with me and I wasn't feeling so good anymore.

As I managed not to fall down as I walked out, even though I barely had any sight left, Kenton got me back to the room and enjoyed taking another humorous picture as I lost my battle with the high altitude.

awe... that's nice.

It took just a bit and all was well again.

We had an awesome vacation and we have about a million pictures to share with you. As soon as I get them all loaded, I'll be posting them.

The Half Marathon was a blast inspite of the toilet hugging. Hey, it could have been worse. It's the Elk birthing season and I was given specific warnings and instructions on what to do should I come face to face with an over protective mama elk. (Stare them in the eyes, raise your hands in the air to appear as big as possible, back away slowly, and if your chased, run for water.)

So, given the option, I'll take the puking!

You guys are great friends and anytime you hear a good song that I should have, keep sending them my way!


  1. Congratulations! We're proud of you.

  2. What an awesome experience. Thanks for showing those mountains. I love them! I updated my blog, finally. Check it out.

    Love ya Lacy!