Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As I sit here in our chilly house, I can't believe that all last week's snow is practically gone. There are just a few shady patches to recall the blanket that covered our city last week. The weatherman said that it would start falling around nine AM last Thursday. Almost like a timed release, the powder started to fall and didn't stop until it was dark outside.

I'm a total weenie when it comes to being cold so when Judah was dying to go play in it, I promised him he could as soon as Daddy got home. At the squeak of the back door we were digging for all the layers we could find. Wearing about four layers and even socks to cover the gaps, he was off to play with his Daddy in the snow. He thought he looked like a snow monster, I thought he looked more like little Randy ("I can't put my arms down") from A Christmas Story.

After a few snow angels, lots of snowballs, and a little frost bite they were both back in for a nice warm up.

The ground remained covered for the rest of the week and the temperatures never rose above freezing but that didn't stop the faithful from participating in the 19th Annual Jingle Bell Run.

Me, Kenton, Jamie Berryman, and Wendy Grist all meet up to run in 20 degree weather! There weren't any pictures to show you. But we all dressed like Eskimos and ran the best we could. Here are the official results.

FOUR MILE(218 Runners)

108. Wendy Grist. 27. F. Haysville, KS. 36:17

109. Lacy Hansen. 25. F. Wichita, KS. 36:18

162. Kenton Hansen. 24. M. Wichita, KS. 41:58

ONE MILE (114 Runners)

24. Lacy Hansen. 25. F. Wichita, KS. 7:37

58. Jamie Berryman. 31. F. Wichita, KS. 11:09

1 79 Steve Sperley 23 Wichita KS 33:32
2 162 Kenton Hansen 24 Wichita KS 41:58

As Kenton's name was called as the second place finisher in his age group, he was quickly embarrassed that they had to announce his time, thus making it clear with the absence of a third place finisher that he and Mr. Sperly were the only two age 20-24 male entries in the run. As Kenton quoted, " I won a medal for signing up... that's all."

He was selling himself short, he did really well and I'm proud of him.

Jamie gave it her all too. She did better than she ever had before, so despite what she says, she did awesome.

Wendy has been a great friend to me as of late and we passed the frosty four miles by just chatting away about our next challenge we want to go after, The Eisenhower Marathon in April!!! She's a great inspiration and I'm glad we've been lead together.

After this chilly adventure, Jamie is going to start running out in the cold with me to train for the New Year's Day Frosty 5K.... she's got the determination and I'm so proud of her!

After we all defrosted, the weekend continued with more signs that Christmas is ever approaching. Father Christmas came to the library on Sunday to tell the children a story. Judah went to see the "guy dressed up like Nick" and have a fun afternoon. Judah has called Santa, Nick since he first learned about St. Nick. We read to him about Saint Nicholas last year and the name has stuck since.
Our choice was to introduce Judah to who Saint Nicholas was and explain how he lived his life striving to be like Jesus. Now people who want to be like Nick, dress up because they want to be like Jesus too, providing for the needs of others. So as we left Judah hollered out, "BYE NICK!." No heads turned as our son bid ado to one of his favorite people, and we thought it was the cutest thing all day!
Christmas is rushing upon us like crazy, but hopefully we can maintain our cool and remember that it's always been about just trying to be like Jesus!

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