Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Greeting cards have all been sent........"

It's Here! We made it! It's Christmas Eve and we are all trying to keep busy because the anticipation is killing us. We have already knocked one celebration out of the park and we're gearing up for another one.
Here are some of the pictures from Wichita's Tree Lighting a few weeks ago. We stood out in the cold and listened to the Newman University choir, listened to Carlos Mayans go on about something, and then counted down from ten to watch the big tree get switched on.

It was fun. Nick Showed up via firetruck and then the fireworks were set off for us all to enjoy. As my fingers were just about to take their last breath we rushed inside for some inflatable fun.

It was fun, but it was oh, so cold!
Wednesday was the second annual Movie night at Arise. We played How the Grinch Stole Christmas and chatted while the Christmas treats were a'flow.
Kenton and I decided to avoid the extra hustle and bustle of getting a little gift for all our dear ones that serve at Arise with us. Instead we got one huge gift and allowed our friends to enter our holiday raffle. Jennifer Marshall was the lucky recipient of the FIVE POUND Hershey bar. So to those of you who thought you only got a card, please know that in our hearts we were giving you all a 5 lbs. bar!

Jennifer didn't think she could finish the whole thing (What?!) so she graciously shared with...well...EVERYONE! Literally everyone, I think we fed 200 people with this thing!

Last night was the official start of the family Christmas celebrations. With a winner take all round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kenton was assigned to pass out all the gifts amongst us, his Brother, his Sister, his Brother-in-law, his Dad, and step Mom.

Even Judah's soon-to-arrive cousin got to enjoy the unwrapping this year!

We all left with some wonderful things and some of us couldn't wait to try them on and sport them all night!

With our tummies full, our bounty overflowing, and our eyes drooping we made it to bed only to rise early this morning. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast at church and a special children's service. Our little man held the pictures of the hands to help us remember that God GAVE us the best Christmas gift when he GAVE his only son. Even though Judah had his tongue out the whole time it was very precious.
We must get some rest, tonight and tomorrow hold so much more that I''m a little tired just thinking about it!

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