Saturday, November 18, 2006

Week In Review

What a week! It's been an exciting one and a crazy one. Given one particular activity (you'll soon figure out which one I'm speaking of), I'm pretty tired and will just let the pictures do most
of the talking.
Our precious nephew, Landon Scott Grattopp, had his first birthday party last Saturday in Oklahoma City. He was in no way timid about this cake diving thing and went straight to business.

We stayed in hotel that night and Judah learned how to party, three-year-old style. I awoke at 2:45 AM to find our bedroom door shut. Knowing that I didn't shut it, I wandered in to the "living room" to find Judah awake and watching TV. He had his markers and coloring books all over his hide-a-bed and was wide awake watching "Cats and Dogs." (AWE! Gold Star parenting moment!) We won't even get into the fact that we lost him at the church Thanksgiving dinner, only to find he and his friends were trying to get gum from the underside of tables. Sometimes I wonder if the only point of parenthood is to make you look foolish??
Today, we did something we've NEVER done before! Kenton and I both finished the 10 Mile (yeah, I said TEN!) Turkey Trot!
With the priceless cheers of Judah ("Go Mommy Go!" Go Daddy Go!"), the support of my Mom and Dad, and the companionship and friendship of The Grist's, WE DID IT!
We took off with Wendy, but she just finished the she didn't wait around for us!
She finished around 1:29, I came in at 1:37, and Kenton pushed through to cross at 1:47.
I thought I knew tired before, but I was wrong!

Tonight we spent the night getting ready for the holidays.
Our in house artist was busy at work on his Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. He colored and stuffed a paper bag turkey, made a flamboyant handprint turkey (all we had were fluorescent colored feathers), and he went straight to work on his gifts for all his grandma's. We all made tree ornaments. He's been blabbing around to everyone so what's the use in a surprise anymore.... hope you all enjoy your decorations!

It's been a long week and a very long day. My feet have taken me very far as of late and I can't wait to see where (and how far) they will go next! Goodnight!

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