Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Elephant Day

Almost a year ago my best friend, Lindsay, called me and said that she was going to be Judah's coolest aunt because of the gift she was going to get him for his third birthday.
Well, she succeeded! "Auntie Lindz" got Judah a backstage pass to the zoo. He got to paint with Stephanie the elephant and get treated like three year old royalty!

Everyone got a little messy, but it was well worth it!
We had an awesome experience and now we have an one of a kind piece of art to display to remember this one of a kind day.

THANK YOU AUNTIE LINDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. what an awesome gift!

  2. You all have the hook-ups! He is gaining memories that will last forever. I don't think I would've ever forgotten if I had a giant elephant PAINTING a picture with me holding the canvas!