Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday Judah Owen!

It's been over a week since our little baby turned three and maybe I've been in denial or just so overwhelmed with this reality that it's taken me this long to tell you all about his big day. (Or, I've just been lazy... the other choices seem more impressive, so I'll stick with them.)
His big third year anniversary fell on a Saturday and we had an enjoyable day planned out at the pumpkin patch. The days previous had been beautiful and warm, however this day the clouds rolled in, the wind roared, and the freezing rain pored down. We moved the party indoors and rolled with the punches.
We served out the huge peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and the "Nemo Water" (Judah's choice, yummm....water!) Judah devoured his cupcake and quickly moved on to his presents.
Nothing better for the little boy who already has everything,than more toys! Judah had a blast opening all the awesome gifts.... the TON of awesome gifts.

Because of the weather the kids got to rustle through an indoor patch to search for their pumpkins. The pumpkins were fine and dandy, but the hay and stacked hay bales seemed to be the best attraction of all.
After some chilly fun, we headed for the warmth of home and for some serious playing!

We spent the rest of the week playing, playing, and playing! After building a million lego towers, coloring lots of pictures, being shot by Boba Fett an uncounted number, and dodging "spinner guy" more than enough, the sun broke through and we were able to redeem our busted trip to the pumpkin patch.

It was a beautiful day and the pumpkins were a' plenty! It was great to tromp around the field and ride the hay rack ride. The farmer took our picture in front of the pumpkin that Judah and Kenton thought looked like bums. :)

Our baby boy has grown so fast. I can't believe a third year has past. Everyone told me that "they grow so fast" and I believed them, but I never really understood until now. I can still feel the soft warm cheek of the minute old baby that lay across my chest, I can still hear the whimper of a tiny person from across the house, I still can picture the bulging eyes he made whenever Daddy came home, I can still hear the utterance of the word "mom-ma" when it first past his mouth, and sometimes I can even still feel that precious child move inside of me. How did he get so big? How did he get so smart? How did he get so adorable? How did he do it all so fast? What did miserable people like us ever do to deserve such a wonderful gift? Thank you Lord for continuing to be so unfair.


  1. You gotta quit writing these blogs that make me tear up and feel compeled to squeeze my kids all day! Your precious, Lacy.

  2. You made me tear up Lacy! You make it so clear how your heart feels. Thank you for your words.