Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ain't No Stoppin' Us

Recently our friend Duane sent an E-Mail and his words gave me a nice look in to the picture we paint for the rest of the world.

"I am starting to think you guys are some of the the most dedicated or addicted (you pick :)) people I have ever met."
Granted the "addicted" part is owed at times, but otherwise I was proud to be seen as a couple who won't stop until the goal is reached. Especially when it's painfully clear to me that we must put on a good show, because I sure feel defeated most days. Sure, I'll get up and run at 6 in the morning, but will I let yet another day go before I return that phone call?.... I guess we all pick our battles.
I suppose the fact that one fights at all is all that counts, the seasons will change and we'll pick up the next struggle when the snow of this winter storm has been cleared.
This running thing has seemed to grab ahold of us as of late and it's really nothing more than the current arena God has lead us to. The boxing ring for this round of life.
I've been told time and time again that God can't use you if you're too comfortable and when you request to be in his service you better get ready for some stretching and challenges. There's nothing more stretching or challenging to a lazy TiVo addict like me, than running. Being pushed to keep going when you believe you've got nothing left, running on even though it hurts, going a little further next time because you can't stay at this point forever, and getting back up if you fall are all a part of the journey to a runner. This journey has shown me so much more about the God who made me and the journey that is following him. His enduring faithfulness, his comfort in our defeats, his pride at our attempts, and his joy at our finishes.
I'm happy to be running this leg. To be literally chasing after God, his will, and his heart. To be filled with his spirit when my breath seems tapped and to get a beautiful visual of the day when I will let nothing stop me from running straight into his arms. No matter the distance, the aches, the heat, the cold, the path, or the obstacles in my way.
So, call me dedicated or addicted (really, you pick!) but what a blessing to be in the battlefield of God's heart, to be like Peter and want to try even if you don't totally believe you can walk on the water, at least you're getting out of the boat right?
We've had a determined week. At times the determination became trying, but we all saw it through, regardless of the blockades in our paths.
When you're dearest of friends up and move to Colorado Springs, and your trip's been canceled more than once, desperate times call for desperate measures. Nothing says love like running a parking lot at a Rolling Stones concert to earn gas money. Well, if that's true than we were lovin' the Ross' up last Sunday night as our Great Aunt Faye let us sell her yard as overflow concert parking. We made some decent coin thanks to the generous help of Kenton's Great Aunt Faye, Aunt Nancy, Reid, and many others. We had our minds fixed on getting to Colorado and as my favorite Rolling Stones song says "Wild Horses couldn't drag me away." We're buckling in this Thursday morning and heading west, CO Springs here we come!
Lord bless the heart you are growing in Kenton! He met his personal roadblock quite literally this week. As he took off for a morning run, the massive construction project on Hillside tried to get the better of him. He darted out through a break in traffic and did not notice the wire strung across the street to mark out the new curb. This "trip wire" (as we refer to it now) caused Kenton to land face down in gravel. As if that weren't bad enough, he did this in front of loads of cars and constructions workers! So how did he handle this terrible situation? He hopped right back up and kept going, mostly to get away from all who saw it but, come on! that took some determination! So he returned to me all dirty and bloody. As he recalled the story I felt horrible for him, but that emotion couldn't seem to manifest itself in any other form than laughter. (Yeah I'm heartless, but you got to admit, it's pretty funny!) Here's the aftermath of his run in.
He's pretty sore, but he pushed on and managed a 5k and a one mile run this weekend. We're starting to feel like a humbled Forrest Gump as of late. Each weekend a new friend joins us and pushes themselves on to the finish line. James and Stephanie Weishaar accompanied us to the Just About Kids run event on Saturday. Kenton and I ran the 5k while James and Steph graciously strolled Judah around. James served as an excellent photographer as we passed the crowd.
Granted, He's a great photographer but I really was not showing my good side (uhhh, scary!). Kenton's injuries caused him to fall a little behind and he actually ended up running with my OB, Dr. Fueille. (What did they talk about?) We were greeted at the finish line by the cheers of the Weishaar's and boy scouts with Poweraid.
I finished in 25:03 (a personal best) and Kenton inched right by Dr. Fueille (see him right behind Kenton) to clock a PR around 26:15, road rash and all. He did get a piercing look from Dr. Feuille this morning at church, guess he expected more respect since he did deliver our baby and all!
We cooled off and then jumped right back in line for a one mile run. Stephanie has caught the bug and she was geared to go. Knowing the competitive heart that dwells in Stephanie, I was certain she'd do well.
(Once again, not my good side!) I was too busy yaking to notice that we were getting ready to start. At the sound I was surprised to see all these four footers charging forward. Well, when in Rome.... we were right after them! I watched as Stephanie grew further and further away from me and I assumed I was right about her, I just knew she was going to kick my butt! The half mile mark appeared and I was running harder than I had ever ran before and finally I rounded the marker and caught her. I thought to myself, "now, many great influencers in my life have "ran" with me for encouragement and I could do that with Steph, but would she wait on me if winning were involved? hummmm?? uh, NO!" So I gave her a smile and ran right past her! (I get so little moments to be prideful, please forgive me and let me take this one!) I landed back at the finish line just under 7:30, the fastest I've ever gone. I turned around to see Steph right behind me, coming in under 8 minutes, and soon following her was Kenton.
It was fun! I'm always so proud to be in company of those who know exactly what I mean when I talk about the joys of being pushed and challenged. Congratulations Stephanie! Now, had we known that only children would be receiving awards in the one mile, maybe we wouldn't have hit it quite so hard! Now we know!
I was very happy to hear my name called for a second place award in the 5K though, and even happier when Kenton put it on display in the house.
It is bitter sweet to walk away with an award or some sign of a job well done. Just one more peek in to the lesson God is teaching. "Keep going, your prize is coming."
Matthew 24:13 (The Message)

13-14"Staying with it—that's what God requires. Stay with it to the end. You won't be sorry, and you'll be saved.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM CDT

    It looks like your group even has it's own "official" running shades!
    Nice job everyone!

  2. Yeah, we did seem to look really cute in our shades. I don't know what I'd do without those things. The wind was brutal that day!

  3. go to my bolgsopt to see the story about brandon

  4. That is a nasty gash Kenton! Is your face okay:) YOu know I am kidding! Really though, that gash on your left hand looked nasty!