Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drum Roll Please........

The moment has arrived. The winners of their very own Yurbuds Earbud Enhancers have been chosen!!!
I had so much fun this week hearing from everyone. It's nice to interact with you all. Please continue to do so. Please!!

So.... On to business. The first winner goes to the best story of ear bud woe. The lucky winner of this pair goes to Cole. She has her own blog as well,
She entered on her husband's behalf and had the most comical quote describing his frustration. 

"(He refers to his head a a taxicab with the doors open, calls his ears his sattilites and explains that this is why he works for NASA...if he doesn't laugh at himself everyone else would)."

I laughed all week at the imagery and felt bad for my fellow struggler on the opposite end of the ear size battle.

And on to the second pair. This pair was just a random name drawn out of the hat. And I promise it was random thanks to  the help of  Due to twitter mentions, blog roll adds, linking to my blog, a comment, officially following my blog, and for sharing your story, some names were thrown in more than once.

And the lucky random winner is...... Veronica, from her blog,

Congratulations winners! I hope you enjoy your Yurbuds!!
Contact me: and I'll get you set up with my friends at Yurbuds.

I wish I had endless pairs to gift to you all. I'm happy for the winners, but sad for the rest of you. Luckily Yurbuds are really reasonable. Compared to other companies who claim to make non-slip custom buds, they are so much more affordable and worth the price!

I hope you all will come back and chat with me in the future. 
As requested I'll be posting my favorite playlist this week. Maybe you all could share your favorites with me. This way we can all rock out while we run strong.


  1. YAY!!! :) ::Doin the happy dance:: Thanks Lacy! I know my husband's ears will thank you!

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM CDT

    SKWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you thank you. I literally just did a happy dance too!

  3. Travis Ross11:04 PM CDT

    Grats to the winners! Let us know how they treat your ears!

  4. Becky Stover4:33 PM CDT

    Seriously?? I thought Jeanie had a pretty good know the one with no meds. Congrats winners!! And do let us know how those buds work.

  5. congrats to the winners!

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