Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some PRs and Sights Along the Way

Blogging's Hard.
Or..... I'm lazy.
You choose.

Preparing for Boston, recovering from Boston, and daydreaming about returning to Boston have kept me busy. I figured I'd catch up on some of the highlights before and since Boston.

Saturday, April 3. Easter Sun Run 10K
My pre-race race. A beautiful run through Sedgwick County Park. I was happy with a new PR. (Even if 3-5 seconds lost me prize money!!)
I did win my age group with a 42:32, 6th overall.
I was on a team with my parents and friends. The proceeds go to such a great cause. Youth Horizons is out to support children and end fatherlessness. Great morning for a run.

Saturday, May 8, 2010
Wichita River Run 10K

This race was for fun. I was fresh home from Boston and was just signing up to join in on the biggest road race in Kansas. It was a delightful morning. All my fellow Boston runners got a chance to wear their long sleeve race shirts too! As I walked with my Dad to the starting line he asked me, "What are you going to run today?" I hadn't even guessed at a time. I just planned to have fun.
Fun turned into a great run. The gun went off and I felt good. So, I just went with it. I never looked at my Garmin until the last mile. I was on track to make a huge PR.
I finished smiling and so glad that the love of running can provide such great days.
I beat my Sun Run PR. I finished in 41:28, taking 2nd in my age group, 8th overall. Not bad for a "fun run."

PR's are great, but running with my son is better. Judah passed up the Tot Trot for the 2 mile this year. He had never gone that far before. He's my hero. When he finally gets his stubborn mind set, the kid's unstoppable. He shot off like a rabbit and I nearly lost him in the crowd. He slowed and sped up throughout the race. He finished in about 20 minutes. Making me so so proud.

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Storm The Dam Trail 1/2 Marathon

"Why did I sign up for this?" That's the question I kept asking myself all week leading up to this race. I love long runs. I figured, why not go out to the trail race and get my Saturday long run in? When the alarm was buzzing before the sun, I remembered what stinks about racing.
Either way, the self pep talk was given and "fake it 'til ya make it" smiles were slapped on. Me and the family headed out to El Dorado Lake for a morning of running. Even Kenton bibbed up for the 5K portion of the race.

The race was tricky! An immediate "storm" up the dam nearly wiped me out. From there it was mostly grass covered horse trails. The grass was just high enough to hide the ridiculous amount of divots from the horses. It was nearly impossible to get a stride going. Every time I broke into a pace, I'd nearly fall over from stepping in a hole. It was a great place to twist ankles. It was mostly out in the great wide Kansas open.

I held my position among the females for over 10 miles. Around mile 9 I passed a few men, but I spent most of the morning alone. The course got fun around mile 11.5. It became a real trail run. The course ran into the woods. It was completely tree covered on soft dirt. Many tree roots became obstacles and even some downed tree trunks had to be jumped. I was still all alone and didn't see a course marker for several minutes. I started to get worried I had lost the trail. Luckily, an orange ribbon appeared as I rounded the corner and left the woods. I came back out on to pavement and had to round one more grassy corner to be able to head into home.

*Since it was a trail 1/2, I'm claiming PR!*

I finished happier than when I started and was greeted by a familiar friend. RunnuRMark, my longtime interweb challenger, was in the flesh at the finish line. He and I have bantered for months about meeting up to challenge one another. This was our first meeting in person. It wasn't complete without my succession hand shake. The dude whipped my tail!

I finished 4th female overall and 2nd in my age group. 1:48:21. Good enough to get a horseshoe!

After the race I had a blast congregating with my interweb pals. I completely forgot about all the woes and irritations about the race. It was the first time I'd met Mark and the first time I actually met up with Fairweather Runner at a race. We'd met once for a jog at dawn and since, we've missed one another at nearly every local race. So, this was our first daylight meet up!

Rough race, great post-race.
Oh, yeah.... and Kenton finished his 5K too. :)

So, there's some of the highlights from this spring. It's been busy, crazy, but mostly fun.
In keeping with the theme, I thought I'd share some of the other things I've seen "along the way" this season too.
When I started running I'd often come home telling Judah stories about things I saw that day. Sometimes it'd be funny cars, weird houses, or new parks to go visit. But mostly it was animals. Snakes, snails, and even wild turkeys have topped my lists through the years. This year I started taking phone pictures to show him. I thought you all might get a kick of what my runs have run into this spring.

*I had to take Judah back to see this disgusting sight. I was freaked out when I passed it. I was too scared to get closer for a picture!*

*This little PINK guy was very mad at me for stopping. But, I knew Judah would want proof of a pink dog*

*He clammed up when I got close, but he was showing me up this hot summer day!*

*I knew Jude would love the 'teenager' goose-lings. Their momma did not like me that close. She charged me and I screamed as she chased me a bit!*

Other's stop to smell the roses. Well, runners...we're different. Enjoy the run!


  1. great the pics of animals during your that really a pink dog?? wow....

    talked to your dad at the park city race should have run, you could have easily added an award (a hammer) to your collection, and maybe even gotten a cash prize...

  2. Nice runs and of course AG wins and placings!! Yeah..its amazing the things you run into while running! I'm starting some trail training and you bet there will some pretty interesting site crossing my path.

  3. Woohoooo! Go Bret Michaels!!! You have definitely made a name for yourself in Wichita running scene. And man, that pink dog is MESSED UP.

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