Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is......

A new toenail!

As the spot got brighter and brighter on Saturday, I realized I was bleeding through my shoe, awesome. More awesome was getting the sock off as it had become one with my toe after 13 miles.
Oh the glamor!
It was a nice gift as I officially entered Boston Training. If I were following a strict 18 week plan, last week would have been the first week. However, I'd have to back off my miles to start at the beginning. I think I'll let the weeks catch up with me for a while and start going above 13 mile long runs in January. For now, I'm buying time with this dry, fair enough weather and getting about 50 miles a week in. As training progresses I'll have to do less weekly miles to save up for those long runs.
I'm hoping this training session to take it one day at a time and avoid burnout. Boston is the reward for all the hard work, I want to enjoy it!


  1. whoooopsie. be nice to that toe. I can't believe you're at 50 miles a week BEFORE marathon training. I don't think I've hit 30 in a week since my April marathon. I'm getting close though (28.5 last week).

    So are you going to come up to the groundhog run in Jan and try to kick my ass? You probably could right now.

  2. Nice - I have a matching pair of missing toenails myself right now. It's the mark of dedicated runner!

  3. what is your week like on this training plan???? gosh i can't believe you bled through your sneaker!!!! yuck!!! i wonder why that happens.. the whole toenail thing?

    yayyyyy boston!! i will be here :) cheering!!!

  4. oh, that pic brings back memories of my childhood -- my brother Dan ran XCountry for East High in the 60s... so naturally he ran from home (1st & Hillside) to work at the Westport Drive-In (West & Taft) in the summer... I don't remember his meets, but his determination - and his feet -- sure made an impression on me!