Monday, October 05, 2009

The Run Down

It's been a really busy season around here, here's some recent highlights.

1. Marathon Training is in it's glorious stage of taper!! Hooray!! Race day is October 18th. Last weekend was a 24 miler training run. Besides me having to run into a business at mile 23 and beg to use their bathroom because I'd been holding for 7 miles and I just-couldn't-hold-it-any-more!, everything was great.
We ran from the actual starting line to a mark outside the gates of the 12 mile mark. Since mile 10-15 or so are on McConnell Air Force Base, they were locked for our training. We headed back in the sunshine and enjoyed a beautiful morning, hoping like crazy marathon Sunday would be just as nice.

Avg Speed
Max Speed






















2. Saturday October 3, 2009.
Rosstoberfest 5k
After having run the required 12 miles at 6 am, I came home around 7:45 and warmed up. It was a chilly 41 at 6AM and not much better by 8AM. It was sunny and calm, which made the nice little jog over to the starting line pleasant. Our neighborhood is the course for this wonderful race. This is only the second year for it, but it has a great turn out. After I meet up with my family, I lined up next to my Dad for our second annual "duel on the hill."
You see, last year, dare I admit it, my old man beat me in this race. We stayed pretty close the whole race until it's unique finish. The 5k finishes up the neighborhood snow hill. It's a challenge and fun and last year my Dad found some extra strength to push right up the hill and then sprint ahead of me to the finish. Here's a great pic of us right before he schooled me.

So we billed this year's race as a rematch, of sorts. In all seriousness, we knew I had probably gained the upper hand within the last year and neither of us were really gunning for the other, it's just fun to trash talk with your Dad sometimes. I did throw something out there like, "I'll be bringing my triple A game this year, " Or I may have said something like, "I'll even give you a 12 mile handicap." Maybe...just maybe.
This race was really just for fun. I saw some girls in "Buns" had showed up to literally "toe the line." That tends to be a sure sign that 'Lacy ain't winning this one!' The 9:30 horn blew and I ran. After the morning of 12 miles, this race went by really fast. I love the course. I got the pleasure of passing Fair Weather Runner twice. She and her brood were cheering from their yard. (Now, we've almost met three times!!) By 4 kilometers I was hurting. My lungs had breathed in a lot of chilly air and I was tired. I squeezed past one female in the last mile and then held that position as I finished up that hill.
I promised my son I would sprint to the finish after the hill. I think I did. I finished in an official 19:57. That's one second off my PR and considering the long run and the hill, I'll take it. I was 6th female over all and 2nd in my age group. I was tapped at the finish. Kenton snapped the "look of pain" after I finally caught my breath. I had to walk that one off for a bit. Eventually I regained some breath and turned to cheer my Dad to his great finish.
Enough said right?
We Cheered on more friends and my mom as well. It was just a great morning for all runners.

3. Kids For Ross 1 Mile
My son learned about the phrase, "defend your title," this week. He completed the one mile race last year in 11:01 and claimed third place in the 6 and under age group. We told him he should try to not let that title get taken from him. We explained that he could always move up in places, but try not to let anyone take third from him. And of course all of this was dosed with the truth that we can't always win, it's not all about winning, just do your best, and mostly have fun.
We spent the latter part of the week helping him get used to the distance again. And on Friday he told us he didn't want us to run with him, he wanted to go by himself on race day. So we respected his wishes. We told him all the family would stand around the course and cheer.
So once he was off we just bit our nails in nervousness waiting to see him appear in the park where we were waiting. Once I saw my little boy turn the corner, I had to hold back tears. He was trucking right up with some big kids. We screamed and hollered as he got closer. He told me he wanted me at the top of the hill, so I took off to make it there before him. I got to the top and Kenton was right behind me. My Mom was there waiting and my Dad had started following Judah since the park. He trucked up that hill to the sounds of our screams and then he busted to the finish line holding up our deal, "I'll sprint if you will."
In my amazement the clock said 9:58 as he took his last few steps. I ducked under the orange flags and screamed with joy. He took a whole minute off his best time!!! They officially clocked him at 10:00 flat. He's five!!! I couldn't do that at 25!!
When they started calling out top finishers we were scared because they didn't say times along with it. So as 3rd and 2nd were called we feared maybe he was shut out. But to his great pleasure 1st place for 6 and under went to Judah Hansen!!!
Oh what joy that moment brings. All my accomplishments mean nothing in comparison to seeing my child shine. He earned first, every footfall was all him. I'm just so so proud of him!

4. Cross Training
Every runner knows they have to cross train right? Does it count if your husband's dodgeball tourney requires two female players and most of his top choices are busy and that leaves you to fill in the gap? Well, if it does, then I stacked one more activity on Saturday. I got pounded in the gut once and took a few hits to the kness. It's the least I can do, he supports me all the time and it's always fun to throw things at people right?

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  1. Awesome times for the both of you. I hope my boy can do stuff like that a few years down the road! I can't believe you were the 6th woman with that time...must have been a really competitive race.