Saturday, July 25, 2009

My New Job!

Okay Mr. Taxman, you'll be hearing from me this year!
I'm super giddy over today's race results. I ran the Heal 2 Heel 2 Mile race. St. Mark's UMC sponsors this race every year and they have a nice little purse for their top finishers. After I scoped the field and saw "my competition" had shown, and her "competition" had shown too, I wasn't sure how this adventure would end.
It's a quick hilly course through Fairmount Park (near WSU). I ran with all I had... I think... and by the half mile mark I was third with fourth quite a ways behind me. I passed several men, but remained third the entire race.
I finished strong down the hill and clocked a 12:25 (6:17 pace).
"My competition" placed 2nd and her's took first.
At the awards ceremony they started with the checks for the overall females. Starting with third place overall and a prize of $50, was "Lacy Hansen."
I also received second in my age group, since "My competition" is the same age as me.
I walked a little taller today and was excited to see how far I've come since my first Heel 2 Heal in 2006.
Oh and possibly some of the most exciting news of the day..... "my competition" is moving to the East Coast!!! (I'm terrible, I know!)
Maybe I'll own less silver and more gold this coming season.
Here's a picture from last years race...her taking first, and me second...again.


  1. darn it, i already commented but closed the page before typing the pass-word. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! lol. well i said something to ]the effect \of CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe. that is a SWEEEEET prize yo! killer! you rocked! you are SO FAST! way to go:)

  2. wow, nice job! YAYAYAYA!! and it was pretty gross and muggy yesterday, i'm super impressed.

  3. That is AWESOME!! I won a local 5K when I was 19 and got a tanning certificate, I would have preferred $50.. Your competition is moving...LOL!! I would say the same thing. The fact that you know your competition makes me smile. Chick you are FAST!!!