Friday, February 27, 2009

The Family In The Woods

Is she going to break the blog strike and talk about running? Yep. Granted I have a pretty hefty post stored in my drafts awaiting a proofread, but this is what you'll get first.
On a sunny, unseasonably warm February afternoon, my Dad and I got lost in the woods of Derby Kansas.
The annual Not For Wimps 10 Mile or 10K race was on February 15 at 1:30. Neither of us knew what we were in for, but I think we were both glad we showed up. We endured 10 miles, opting to keep going
 instead of choosing the shorter 10K  at the turn around mark. Within the second mile a course unlike any other in Kansas was before us. We were running on sand bars, climbing up and down ATV trails, squishing through mud, powering up steep hills, and back down equally steep climbs.
It was awesome. It definitely earns it's tag line, "The best little trail run in Kansas."

It was an out and back course. Since there's a turn around you get to see who's in front of you. I counted heads and realized I was the fourth female. I wanted to be third. So I pushed hard swerved through the winding wilderness and only once lost sight of the little orange ribbons marking the trail. That cost me a little bit of time, but with in the last mile, I had a quite a time charging back up the hill in to town and claim third female over all. 
It was really fun. We each set a trail run PR, I'm sure! 
My Dad and I got to spend a Sunday afternoon together. Just the two of us, something we don't get to do very often. I hope that we're both well enough to do this again.
I went home telling Kenton how fun it was, but even more how I enjoyed my time with my Dad. I'm really blessed to have him in my life and to be able to share a passion with him. How many others would give up their Sunday to go run in the woods with you?

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