Thursday, December 11, 2008

"You Ran That Race in a Second"

"Mommy, you're so cool. You ran that race in a second"

It's good to be a super hero in someone's eyes. Those were Judah's words to me as I explained to Kenton, "I was second."
I let him think I was that fast for a few hours, then I had to tell him, "No, I was the second finisher, or second place, it took me a little longer than a second."

Saturday the 6th was The Jingle Bell Run. Along with many lovely people, We raced a four mile course on a beautiful December morning.
I was blessed to set a new PR and officially finish in 27:59. I was the second female finisher for the course. That is where Judah got the clever idea about my finishing time. I was awarded a sweet gold jingle bell for being the fist to finish in my age group.

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