Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Day of Pre-K

He rose with excitement and never once showed any signs of fear or hesitation.
He was frustrated that we had to sit in the car while other kids were waiting for the bell to ring from the steps.

I was trying to savor the moment and snap a few pictures. When the bell rang our big boy took off running saying, "Come on Mommy! We're goin' be late!"

I tried to linger for just a bit when we walked in to the class room but he had long forgotten that I was even there. I said goodbye only to be responded to with a half hearted, "huh? uh, oh bye." His eyes were all a' glow as his teacher asked him to have a seat and write his name for her. I backed into the hallway and thought he was looking my way so I waved nice and big only to realize he was looking past me.
I walked down the hall and eventually out the door. A few tears welled up as I walked. I felt like my little boy was all done with me and didn't need his mommy anymore.
Here's what he had to say after I picked him up later that morning.

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  1. Anonymous8:22 PM CDT

    This is Wendy! I love this one of Judah. Just looking at his pictures made my heart "sad" to know he is growing up. I guess they have too. What a big boy!