Thursday, May 31, 2007

So Much Stuff!

Since my wonderful husband gave me my awesome Fuji Z-1 pocket sized camera last year, naturally we still take a boat load of pictures.
There's a lot of great ones that don't have much of a story, but nice things to look at none the less.
So, I give you, a blog with very little writing and lots of pictures! Enjoy!

These weren't our pictures, but I just had to share. As I finished the marathon last month, there were tents filled with all sorts of food. Being a "choosy" person anyway and having just run 26.2 miles, I wasn't very hungry. My family was however. Since the runner is the only one welcome to the smorgasbord, I went after the goods for my peeps.
My Dad couldn't resist snapping a picture as my arms were loaded with three, yes THREE, Carl's Jr. cheeseburgers and a DIET Coke. Breakfast of Champions!

This was just a nice one, I wanted to include.

Aren't cousins the best?

Judah loves his cousins! Landon Scott and little Audrey Kay.
Daddy and Judah love to play dress-up!

We have gotten to spend a lot of time at Wild West World. Kenton lives there during the week, but we get to go out and play a lot too.

Judah loves it. Especially here on the "Tippy Canoe." As the employee helped him off the ride she asked, "Did you have fun?" He looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Yeah! That ride tickled my penis!"
With a shocked expression I looked back at her with a loss of words, Kenton raised his hand and said, "I want to ride."
Ah... parenthood!

Memorial Day. Sageser Memorial Run. My Dad and I ran the first 7miles of a 15K together. It was a great day to honor a father and son who died this past fall.



Judah loved playing in the park near by with Daddy and NeeNee. He especially liked the spraying sunflowers!

We beat the rain and managed a trip to the zoo to see the new penguins for the first time. Uncle Scott, Aunt Tara, and Cousin Audrey came too.

The penguins were very cool. Uncle Scott spoiled the pants off Judah and let him feed the giraffes twice!
We strolled through the rest of the zoo noticing that it must be "the season for love." Birds were puffing their feathers, mates were making very interesting sounds, the frogs were really getting in to a game of "leap frog,"(I guess they would just call it "leap") and the little rodents were chasing each other in the jungle and as Judah said "trying to play piggy back."
All in all it was a great afternoon.
When we got home my sister sent us a picture, explaining that she had gone to the OKC Zoo with her son and her niece too. Her niece noticed that the tortoises were playing leap frog too. She sent me the picture. It was just too good to pass up!

Love really is in the air!

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  1. Just to clear up...

    When lacy says, "Kenton lives there during the week..." she means I spend every business hour there, and a few extra in emergencies.

    Also, if you all notice, Lacy uses me as a proof reader and fact checker. My work was obviously absent from this publication.