Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Dog Days of....Winter?

Cabin fever is an understatement around here! The first of several snow/ice storms hit on January 12th and we've been trying to make the best of cabin life ever since.
Because most of the fruits are out of season, Judah has quickly discovered that one of his favorite wintertime snacks is "freezin' blueberries." I had to quickly snap a picture as I told him, "DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!" I've had to get my running fixes indoors as of late. While there have been days that have been "warm" enough, the roads have been covered in several inches of ice, and I guess I'm just not that dedicated of a runner to risk falling down in front of others, that's more Kenton's style! :)

But never fear, there is only one good thing to do in Kansas when the earth is covered in powder... sledding!!! We layered up and enjoyed as many runs as we could until the frostbite set in. Kenton, Judah, Judah's Uncle Scott, and I ran up and down "Grandpa's Hill" while Aunt Tara and Cousin Amy watched. (Geesh! Tara's only like 7 months pregnant, I don't know why she wouldn't join in!!)

Kenton sent Judah down all by himself and I pretended it was all fine, and was so happy to see him saying, "Whoo-Hoo" as he finally came to a stop.
Some hard-core ten year old sledders built a ramp and Kenton showed them what was up when it came to catching some air!

He even let Judah give it a try, as you can kinda see the green coat peaking out from the sled, yeah he wasn't a fan of the jump.
Well, The sun came out for the last three days and we might be able to break up the last of the "ice rink" on our back patio soon. Winter is fun in small bursts, but I'm done... bring on the spring!
I guess Friday will tell us how many more weeks until the flowers will bloom, If you believe in Groundhogs, that is!

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